You're only allowed to post hurtful things about me in this thread


Hey, get me a soda! I’m walkin’ here


this seems racist.


is ant being racist?


he is.

ant is being racist


oh man that’s wassup


might sit on my joke for a bit, see how this one plays out


it ends in racism


was it going to be a larger sized person celebrity joke @japes ?


It was really fantastic to post with y’all today! Have a great rest of the day, guys!

God Bless!


brb getting cwaffee


before the wife moved to the UK, one of her colleagues asked her what language we speak here :grimacing:


Ok, given this hasn’t taken off at all. My long-game plan here was for everyone to post like very broad American caricatures but after say, 35 posts of that, I was going to edit the thread title to say ‘Australian’ instead and then future Internet historians would have stumbled across this thread and it would be dead confusing for them or something.


i have downgraded you from ‘racist’ to ‘a prankster of amusing order!!!’




downgraded :joy:


Xenophobic more that racist IMO.

“Lemme get a… Bud Light”


dunno, merica is full of different races. If anything ant is (was) provoking at LEAST four minorities


where i hang out in minnesota everyone drinks this:

biggest gutrot i’ve ever had from beer


Again, I cannot stress enough that this was actually going to end up being extremely clever and subversive.

"What the fuck is going on in here!?"

Yeah, that was my thinking - American isn’t a race.

If it was ‘broad native American stereotypes’ then it’s a different story.