You're passing through an extra services at around 7pm

All of the food queues are of roughly equal length

  • McDonald’s
  • Chopstix
  • KFC
  • Harry Ramsden’s
  • El Mexicana
  • Costa
  • Greggs
  • West Cornwall Pasty Co.
  • Cold bits from m&s
  • nothing

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M&S or maybe a McD’s if I’m feeling hungover/anxious

Quite like getting m&s bits with a supplementary GVSR or McPlant + milko


The gravy at Newport Pagnell services KFC is the optimum KFC gravy


I would consider the pasty co, not sure if they’re actually any good? Costa last resort. All the others (apart from M&S I voted for) I wouldn’t touch unless I was shitfaced drunk and presumably I’m not since I’m at a service station.

Here’s a thing to remember

I remember it!

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Vegan sos roll, sugary ring donut, coffee if needed.

You know where you are with M&S cold bits, but I’d secretly be wanting an El Mexicana and hoping that someone else would suggest it, so I don’t have to.

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Something a bit deviant about fish and chips from any services other than Tebay

@rich-t the plant kitchen salt beef bagel thing. Fucking incredible, more regular availability at Peterbrough extra services would great if you can action that

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Yeah that’s good. As is the no lamb shawarma. Franchised so no, they get their stock a different way to ours

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Cobham services have a Nandos, and we’ve stopped off there on numerous trips

Absolutely love M&S, you lot.

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Find lots of their sandwiches pretty flavourless, I think they might have their fridges up too high actually.
I want tepid sandwiches.


hmm, depends. where am i on the way to?

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The dial essential turns up the power


then i’ll stick with m&s but might add a GVSR for good measure, if available