Youse on the twitter?

not had a “what’s yr twitter” thread on the new boards yet have we?

tune in to @J4PE5 for #greatcontent


someone got @japes before me. theo occasionally @s the poor bastard into really boring conversations about saucepans and the like. fairly amusing.


Get yourself down to for knee-jerk football reactions and fucking loads of retweets of other people’s great content

I mean the temptation to edit your post to @japes for, er, japes, is strong :smiley:

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it’s the same as on here isn’t it

I don’t even follow him. waiting on him making the first move.

followed you. I’m the same on there as I am on here, but I only seem to tweet links to things I just posted on Instagram theses days

Yup. I’m easy to find - if you can’t manage it, you don’t deserve to see my unique combination of occasional moans at Great Northern Rail and surprise that Steve King and Graham Westley still seem to get employed.


Yeh, but less often nowadays. I’m the one everyone confuses the author with.

I’m @colossalhorse and my feed is mostly pimping my music writing and occasionally pretending I know stuff about boxing/politics/stuff in general. It’s rubbish.


Same shit as on here. Music talk and rants.

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@BabbleBoxComedy for sporadic failed attempts at humour

@lfflet not on there much nowadays as TOO BUSY

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…mostly tweet from the toilet at 3am

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Used to mainly retweet the lolz but now I just get angry about Piers Morgan