Youse on the twitter?

Never heard of it.

It sent me a thing saying they thought I had been hacked a few weeks ago and I cba to reset my password, so not anymore.

they send me an email every. single. time. I log in. “hey, someone’s logged into your account!”

it’s pretty annoying.

do you think it would be some good #content to try to get a blue tick?

  • i would subscribe to this #content
  • i couldnt care less, av

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He’s seen who you hang out with. I think you’ll be waiting a long time.

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Don’t become a blue-tick wanker, AV.

ill wank whatever i want


It’s an ill wank the blows nobody no good… :wave:

You know that hrtbps lad on twitter did he used to post on here? Think I remember someone saying that once


Don’t remember him as a user but glad we all helped him move on to higher, hotter takes.

Fairly confused feed on climbing, music and politics

yes. jenmandates.

If you just enjoy following twitter accounts for the hell of it, very very occasionally I might tweet something interesting from this account too: Mostly event plugs though.


Astonishingly misjudged follow here:

yeah, can’t see you having too much insight on Man City’s exciting attacking prospect

The regular reminder of who from here has what account on twitter

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someone i know from work actually follows this account