Youse on the twitter?

I’m always fucking mega confused between DiSers on there.

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This is mine I’ve just started using it a little more.

People seemed to have realised more and more that I’m not the other one which has cleaned up my mentions immeasurably.

Just had a little pop at a guy who was suggesting the Me Too campaign was self indulgent…replies so far have denied any male culpability in oppression, denied any oppression in the U.S.A…and then I was called a degenerate.

Sticking to the boards

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I know your pain. is my true enemy.

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I am on the twitter @isibuko but becoming increasingly annoyed by the whole thing.

This is my favourite account at the moment.


like that, followed. there was one a while ago for Star Trek: The Next Generation plots which was quite good too.

I’m @alfredbulbasaur btw, follow me for train related whinges, retweets of my wife’s work and answering the same question over and over again about whether I’m going to add certain features to an app I made.

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Guarantee: the content is even worse than the handle

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can confirm



It me @jonnyishh


named after the Gowns song although I’m vaguely worried about being followed by alt-right types or something.

Best. App. Ever.

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I’m foppyish/Northern Ireland official on there.