Youth Clubs


Did any of you ever go to a youth club as a teenager (or slightly younger)? You know the set-up: couple of rooms, pool table, table tennis, table football, tuck shop, five a side football, someone bringing the cassette tape single of Here Comes The Hotstepper and playing it on loop all night… That sort of thing. Tell us about your youth club times.


Yes, yes I did!



Yes, yes i did!


nothing terribly exciting to share about my adventures in youth club though.


I want to hear anyway! Who organised it? What was there? Who ruled the roost at the youth club? Did you have a nemesis?


Did karate for a bit, which definitely paid off as I am now renowned for karate.
It was in a youth club.


No, we went to the ‘rec’(reation grounds), sat around on the swings, did some bundles/pile on.


There was one but I didn’t go to it. Despite Karen someone or other begging me to. How different my life could have been if I’d gone.


Went to one for “gifted” children for a bit. It was shite.


I went to youth club. I think I was hoping it would be just like byker grove but all we did was play darts and eat chocolate.


Yep. Only now do I look back and see how good they were, they did keep us off the streets. Table tennis, pool, snooker, arcade games, computers, tuck shop thing, music room kitted out with drums, guitars etc. Disco type thing at one end. Ours was divided into age groups as well.

Well it was great, until it wasn’t cool any more and sitting in playgrounds and drinking cider and running away from the police (for being 15 and drinking) was far more appealing.


I went to cubs for a bit. My rich mate had a games room with a pool table so we just went there tbh.


Wow, yours sounded well swish! We only Had a darts board and a hall that when the boys weren’t playing football we’d just aimlessly run back and forth on.

@epimer I hope you mean supernaturally gifted.


My supernatural mind-reading powers are telling me that you’re not entirely serious.

Also that you’re wearing stripes today.


Ours had:

  • one room with a pool table, table tennis table and a big old midi system
  • one room for five-a-side football - though I remember once that one of the youth workers borrowed a strobe light and tried to put on a rave. I remember being fascinated by the site of us all running around in what looked like stop-motion.
  • a tuck shop / bar area.

I used to drink too much Coke and then struggle to sleep on youth club nights.


It was great. And they had tomato ketchup flavoured crisps (puff ball things) for 5p a pack. Good times.


Are you referring to Tangy Toms perhaps? Best crisps!

@colon_closed_bracket fancy pants, the lot of you! :wink:

@Epimer Alright spooky :stuck_out_tongue: Speaking of, this is my favourite spooky picture! -


do you mean an orphanage?


I only ever went to it a couple of times, don’t know why I didn’t go more, it just wasn’t on my radar. Seemed quite cool though, it was where a lot of the stoner kids used to hang out. At some point some of the bands in school started doing gigs there so I went to those.

Was always amused that it was literally next door to the police station, helped keep a lid on any craziness.