YouTube ads

Couple of questions:

  1. Have you ever been offered to “Skip Ads” on YouTube and decided that the advert was so compelling that you chose not to skip and watched the whole thing? And if so, what was it advertising?

  2. Have you found YouTube adverts getting longer and more frequent? I am. I’m now regularly getting two 40 second adverts back to back with no skip option, which I never used to. I’m not sure if this is the same for everyone, or YouTube has calculated I’m now addicted and are squeezing me. Last night I chose to watch the video for New Order’s Perfect Kiss and got two adverts slap bang in the middle which ruined everything. OK, it’s a 9 minute track but I don’t recall this happening before. I feel like I’m going to have to give up YouTube soon. Needless to say, the adverts are all shit and for things I’ll never buy.

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Read something interesting the other day about all these companies with four-letter names suddenly selling dangerous contraptions and all sorts of useless shite all trace back to one firm.

Thought about starting a thread about Temu being the version of, but was too lazy, so have that thought.


I keep getting one for Tel Aviv recently. I can’t buy Tel Aviv!


Yeah I’ve noticed the longer ads. Maybe not to that length but definitely more of the 30s ones rather than the 6s ones.

I‘ve been getting a lot of ad breaks about 30 seconds into a video. It’s… quite annoying.

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Yep agreed they are getting more frequent and longer. Often back to back too which was definitely not a thing a few years ago.

Nearly all the ads I see are extremely low quality too. Often for mobile games and Temu.

Had a bizarre thing yesterday where video about learning to count (featuring monster trucks) our two-year-old was watching was interrupted by an advert that was actually a +40-minute Vice documentary. A 40 fucking minute Vice documentary as an advert in a video aimed at toddlers.

Obviously 40 minutes is a completely absurd amount of time, but also what kind of absolutely bullshit targeting is that supposed to be?

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Also this:



Anyone here tried Youtube Premium and found it worth the cash? I think I’m going to give it a go.

Refuse to let websites bully me into giving them cash.

Spotify aside.

use an adfree browser called brave, no ads you see

also cant get sucked into watching youtube shorts like i do on the app

Every so often I find myself in a hotel for work and watching a movie on Film 4 or whatever, and I’m always put out by how long every ad break is. Can’t believe we used to live like that, maaaaaan.

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Had a bizarre period maybe a couple of years ago where I’d get adverts that were 20+ minutes long that you couldn’t skip. I actually stopped using YouTube because of that for quite a while and they’ve gone now so presumably they figured that out.

Definitely more longish ads you can’t skip then there used to be.

I’d be tempted if creators got any money from it, but I can’t imagine they do.

So I guess I’ll just keep on watching them all talk about how great Hello Fresh is.

Im confused how adverts work on videos as I watch a lot of ASMR which have zero ads (as it would take you out of the experience) but then I watch some shows and the ads are literally a few seconds in?

Not with that attitude you can’t!

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You tube vanced was ace when it worked. Eliminated all the ads and was a pleasant experience. Can’t seem to find a working version anymore.

I imagine they do.

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I believe the content creator can choose to make their videos ad-free, which means they don’t get any money for it.

Ah apparently so, in lieu of ad revenue