Youtube age-restrictions

I’ve used YT for years and never had any issues watching videos with age restrictions (I guess because Google has asked me my age previously), but a couple of times recently I’ve had this message:

And when you click verify I get 2 options, neither of which sound great.

Is anyone else getting this? Is there a way around it? For what it’s worth I’m just trying to watch a video on making cold brew coffee, nothing filthy (How to make Cold Brew Coffee | Mike Cooper - YouTube )(doesn’t actually feature Jamie Oliver)

Never seen that before. For what it’s worth, I can view that in the YouTube app fine and I’m signed in via Google.

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Weird. I’ve just tried it on the Android app and it works fine too. Just on PC it’s asking for that…

never had that. maybe i don’t watch as much filth as you though




if i ever find a video with that i just accept i’m not going to watch it

can’t be fucked signing into stuff