"YouTube band" advice?

Hi - first of all, please let me know if I’m in the wrong place. I don’t see many other bands posting here as far as I can see? But, I see a whole lot of interesting and intelligent discussion around bands and music, so I was hoping to pick a few peoples’ brains.

I’m one half of a indie/experimental band and we’re trying to push the YouTube side of things (think Andrew Haung, except we’re no where near as polished yet!). We’re trying to get to a point where were putting out decent content on a regular basis for music lovers.

What I was hoping was that one or two people might appreciate the bravery behind bearing my soul and sharing this and give some feedback as to - whether they’d want to watch/subscribe to our stuff, and if not, what we could change to make that the case?

Thanks for taking the time to read. We’re at https://youtube.com/boxtaperocksyou and I’d love to hear your opinion.


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Don’t start a band 'cos it’s not glamorous or as exciting as it might seem? …I didn’t, I won’t. Thanks?

Reel Big Fish are the most misunderstood contradictory band of our times. Their works easily stand alongside the best Beat generation stuff.

Or perhaps even matches the existentialist philosopher Camus in their astute criticisms of the absurdity of the music industry and thus life. How it is all ridiculous and hypocritical but how you can still play the game and enjoy yourself while understanding how meaningless and absurd the whole situation is.

  1. Create a bunch of Reddit accounts.
  2. Think of a title that makes you sound like life is hard but you’re really humble about it, then rewrite that title as though it’s really about someone else altogether.
  3. Post it on one of those music subreddits with your clickbait title.
  4. Use Tor Browser to log in to Reddit with one of your fake Reddit accounts.
  5. Navigate to the root of the subreddit, to spoof a ‘legit’ visit, use the ‘new’ filter to find your post.
  6. Upvote your post. Upvote any replies to your post.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6.

The time you take to complete steps 3 onwards should be as short as possible. By getting early and fast upvotes, it will give your post disproportionate weighting with their algorithms and once something has been upvoted / liked a few times, other people have a higher opinion of it, even if their own opinions are completely anonymous.

If this doesn’t work, then either you’ve chosen the wrong time of day to post / cater your post for the timezone awake at that time or your content is shit, soz.

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@moderators can you ban this account please?

It’s not me for a change, and while this reply is funny, who knows what they’ll do with it next

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