YouTube boxing

Nothing makes me feel older than this

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Smart kids. That KSI knows his stuff

4.1 billion views!


Preferred Doug Stanhope v Tonya Harding

not as good aa Grant Bovey v Ricky Gervais

Hate these Youtube celebrity bellends.

At the same time, i hate cynical old people who seem unwilling to accept that the world changes, and you’ve got to begrudingly admire their business acumen.

Easy to mock, but it’s no different to us watching Hulk Hogan v Andre the Giant when we were twelve, or previous generations watching, idk, Punch and Judy, probably.

Part of it’s probably jealousy, innit. I’m talentless and boring as well and i’ve never earned a million quid from saying something pointless into a camera.

So fair play to them, but at the same time they’re horrendous twats and i despair a bit for the future of humanity.


Heard a group of young people talking about it on the bus last night and going on about getting into boxing. If that happens for a lot of people it’s good for the sport

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Presume anything like this now is just an exercise to create some dank memes whilst downing 3 Monster Energy cans before the nightly knife crime spree.

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Also, i reckon a lot of people underestimate how hard it is to windmill someone for a few rounds. With the exception of spinning classes boxing training’s the hardest exercise i’ve ever done. Sparring in particular’s absolutely draining. We’d all look like Gervais in there. I watch a lot of boxing and even some of the pros don’t know how to punch and solely rely on having natural power, so i don’t know if some of the sniggering about their technical ability’s really warranted.

Anyone who is prepared to get into a ring with someone who wants to hit them hard in the face with a view to knocking them out has my utmost respect

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A friend has a theory that the YouTube stars and their massive followings is the 21st century equivalent of hanging out with the cool, funny kids in the school playground. Now the playground is global. Anyone can join their gang and no one is rejected or made fun of. So watching someone play a video game is like being invited over to their house. Friend’s theory makes sense to me.



Just read the BBC article. Credit to the guys for monetising a school playground fight.

BTW - my friend has a teenage son into video games and I like his observations.

hate the vapid old man grumble grumble cynicism around it. other than KSI (who’s been training with a Mayweather-signed ex-Olympian boxer for the best part of a year) everyone else has completely distanced themselves from any kind of credibility as a boxer whilst still giving it some heart and hard graft. it’s an easy thing to sneer at and a very hard thing to do and they still come out of the fights basically saying “i dedicated myself to this for six months and I am nowhere near being a boxer”

i was talking to my friend’s nephew about it this morning and he was talking about how cool it was that they dedicate so much time and focus to it, and also how the fighters hate each other before but show respect to each other after. rather the youth feed off that than the legions of people who encounter anything they either don’t quite understand or that isn’t aimed at them and criticise it

likewise i respect how self-made these guys are. that quote above about how youtube has impoverished artforms is absolute self-serious bs. it just exists in it’s own bubble, but one that’s slowly but surely built up financial weight

disclaimer that logan paul is obviously a toxic and odious bell-end but not sure why that would be a reason to not watch someone trying to knock him out

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exact opposite for me, stupid sport


I totally get that it’s very old man yells at cloud to slag off youtubers, but (blurred for talk of suicide) Logan Paul literally filmed someone who had hanged themselves and put it on YouTube, only doing a half arsed apology when advertisers threatened to pull out of his channels. So absolutely fuck him forever.