YouTube censorship, drill music, violence

Not sure about this…

Shirley if its explicit then make it 18+ and only available to people logged in/verified age appropriate?
And as the article suggests, someone will upload them again in a week or two.

that said… never heard of the music… seems a bit old people not understanding young people… and banning them for making hand gestures seems a bit off.


i don’t know a huge amount about it but it reminds me a lot of the met’s attempts to basically ban venues from putting on garage shows about 10 years back

i know it’s vice but this article actually has a bit of decent background - No, Drill Music Isn’t The Reason Kids Are Killing Each Other in London

that wasn’t the article i was thinking of, got it confused with this - Drill: The Soundtrack to London’s Murders | The New Yorker

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A new era of Video Nasties

I know almost nothing about this but assume some middle aged people are being racist



Especially this bit

this seems sensible eh…?

Now this is censorship

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It’s really weird isn’t it…

Won’t they just end up writing in more complex coded language that old white policemen won’t understand until it’s too late… or is this the start of a twee collaboration with belle and Sebastian?

Or will the police just never give them permission to record… or will they just record it using their phones/laptops :confused:

The order requires them to notify police of the date, time and place they intend to perform at least 48 hours in advance, and permit officers to attend.

They must inform police of any new music twithin 24 hours of its release, provide officers with a list of all unreleased tracks, and refrain from publishing or specific songs that police have banned.

The order prohibits the gang from performing, recording or posting on social media anything that “incites or encourages” violence by “threatening or claiming to commit any act of violence”.

It also states they must not mention named postcodes “in a gang context” or make reference to the death of Teewiz, the nickname of 19-year-old Abdullahi Tarabi, who was [stabbed to death in west London last year].