YouTube Comments

This thread is for YouTube comments posted on videos / live performances etc. that you want to share with the whole class.

The Mae Shi - PWND


It’s not for a music video but I’m a big fan of this review of Kipling’s Kim


While I’m glad my thread got a reply, this reply has taken a look at the rules, made eye contact to show they’re understood, then taken a steaming hot shit on them as though they were mods


Saturday mate

Even further from the brief(s):

I could have you know. I could have started a thread on the social board saying “LOL Let’s post fUnNy oNlInE reviews ^_^!” and watched it clock over to a deep-blue.

But I didn’t.

I saw this comment and thought “Hey!”

“Hey! I’ve seen comments on YouTube that seem strangely out of context to their environment before! The music board seems to actually have some life back in it since the relaunch, let’s see what they’ve got!”

But no.

Amazon reviews. Garlic bread.


You need to lodge an appeal with the ombudsman @anon5266188

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I don’t know what this means.

They’re not taking the thread seriously, I think you should ban them all.

Thanks in advance.

You’re Mr Stay on Topic

Wait, was that it? He can’t ban you? That whole mention was based on the fact that he might agree on a point that otherwise would hold no interest to him?

@anon5266188 you know what to do

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@plasticniki get this clown in the cooler please. (Theo that is)

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I will never ever ever ban Theo. Even if he says the worst things ever.

Cycling is for fucking loosers


“crank it up to the point of getting deported from your country”

Name the album? (Clue, it’s a live one)

The Lumineers?

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Kasabian Live?
I once cranked it up to the point of getting kicked out of my apartment complex due to the constant overwhelming cost of roof repairs!


Metz - Drained Lake



Ha. It was Motorhead - No Sleep 'til Hammersmith. Drowning out the sound of droning work colleagues since 1981. (on a Sony Walkman perhaps)

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Bit baffled by this guy who, without comment, posted a list of 423 random artists under a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club song