Youtube deep dives (coronavirus lockdown edition)

Here are some things to get hooked on…


All the pleasure of having a nice clean car, from the comfort of your own sofa

(pleasurable brummy accent is a bonus)

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Maybe the nicest guy on youtube - British Indian Restaurant (BIR) dishes

Bonus is that he always starts a dish trying to be healthy but at the end can’t resist stirring some butter in and drizzle something over the top!


Similar to the above, make chinese takeaway-style dishes. The mum (Choo) is absolutely hilarious

this is awesome, I love marble/domino stuff

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watched this the other day

might get really into (watching other people) restore things

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definitely, all the restoration big players are amazing


dunno what I find so comforting about videogame nerds, maybe just the idea of dedicating your life to an escapist hobby so wholeheartedly


I recommend watching a couple of car deep cleans. Instantly fills your recommendations with more of them and all of them are good. Work the algorithm in your favour.

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It’s polyurethane

Niche this, but Kruggsmash has gotten me through many a hangover day. He creates dwarf fortresses upon Dwarf Fortress, always with some kind of theme in mind, although the nature of the game means whatever he had in mind is often swallowed up by the emergent story telling. The notoriously complicated and opaque gameplay is brought to life by his pencil drawings and narratives. Skullhorror is a pretty good starting place.

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Watched a few of this cat’s videos about collecting old consoles, absolutely love him

Not sure why I find this guy so captivating…

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Would’ve taken Watkins over Unclogging Culvert-Letting

fucking hell

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I always envy their storage space

This channel made me really want to get some woodblock prints

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I’m not sure how far you’ve looked into it, but I got into the idea of getting some after going to an exhibition a couple of years ago.

I’m pleased I went ahead and did it.

At this point, I only have one. A copy of this, by Yoshitoshi:

Buying one that was damaged around the edges (but not really into the picture itself), I got it for something like £150. For a print that’s 150 years old, I’m happy with that price. If it was overpriced, I’m not too worried - it gives me joy.

I’d consider getting more, but my flat is not massive, and I wouldn’t want to hang a print somewhere which gets direct sunlight.


I’ve had a bit of a look, there’s some lovely designs on offer from the workshop that makes the youtube videos Mokuhankan Catalogue : Not super cheap, but not outrageous either. I’d be wary about trying to track down an old original, especiallywithout seeing them in person.

That’s a gorgeous print, and owning a 150 year old piece is awesome!