YouTube music channels?

Are there any good ones? Any that get the sort of chat/insights we get in the hgatr threads?

Only recommends I get are guys talking about Led Zep, Rolling Stones etc. Obviously the YouTube algorithm has me pinned as a dull middle aged white guy so I need input from my way cooler DiS associates.

I like Amoeba What’s in My Bag series but can’t really think of anything else.

Here are a few I like with some sample vidyas…

Trash Theory - sort of video essay / mini docs

Deep Cuts - mega knowledgeable bloke talks about various music

Adam Neely - interesting stuff about music, sometimes gets a bit theory-heavy and I lose the ability to follow


Deep cuts is a good lad.

Also not strictly a music channel.but I found most of this video interesting



What? Sugababes Trash Theory?

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