Youtube odysseys

you ever find yourself falling down a youtube rabbit hole of bizarre topics there seem to be thousands of videos on?

wanted to get an early nights sleep last night but before i knew it i had lost a couple of hours watching “sovereign citizen” videos. these fucking nutters

think the general gist is they think they can spout some bullshit and that means that laws don’t apply to them. loads of videos of them getting arrested and being put on trial etc. it’s fascinating if you’re bored

you got any favourite weird topics?

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Sometimes watch Hearthstone tournament videos or deck discussions.

I don’t like Hearthstone.

yup, often. mainly to do with asmr which is a weird youtube hole in itself but usually leads to some pretty weird stuff that i’m listening to just coz i vaguely find someone’s voice relaxing. latest thing is watching chiropractic videos

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yeah i’m weirdly into watching other people play computer games that i can’t be arsed to play myself as long as it has no commentary on it

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the ones i find really weird are unboxing videos. like i’ll go looking for a review of some product or something and there’ll be all these videos of folk just taking it out the packet.

like, who fucking cares? do people really give a toss what leaflets come with your new phone? it’s mad

takes a while to get going, this one

omg I want her to touch me.

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i also enjoy commentary less video game playthroughs of stuff i won’t bother to play myself.

also could spend 2-3 hours watching football fights and then descending into a rabbit hole of NFL/NBA/NHL brawls

did the government invent youtube to control the masses

this is consumerism gone absolutely stark raving loony

i kind of like those, people taking apart bits of equipment and stuff is good too

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oh yes. these are good.

Checked in the app to see what my recommendations are. First one:

Don’t care. Might watch it later.

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Haha that guy was SUCH a bellend

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oh god this absolute wazzock talking about old police cars as well

fucking hell, i need to get out more

i LOVE watching people take apart really complicated bicycle components.

how to service the bearings on some 1970s campagnolo freehub or something. pure magic.

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Really, really enjoyed that.

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i also really love the subculture of american videogame collectors, some of them are even making a living off youtube, just showing off game collections with rare games and ridiculous gaming basements.

just find it oddly comforting, there’s definitely a profound escapism in caring so much about a hobby


mate, honestly there’s LOADS of videos of these folk that end with them getting tasered. it’s brilliant. they always seem so surprised too.

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Got quite a few videos of Dweezil Zappa explaining his guitar technique in my history. I do not play guitar or listen to the musical stylings of Dweezil Zappa.

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and theyre all mates and hang out