Youtube related videos

Have you noticed more and more right wing shit creeping into your related videos for no apparent reason? i mostly use the Tube for music, some film snippets, that kind of thing…
but i get ‘Rees-Mogg destroys liberal host’ and all this bullshit in my sidebar.
Is there a way of complaining to Youtube about it?

yep. started to get loads of ‘Jordan Peterson roasts feminist SJW’ type videos a few months ago


no but i get loads of fucking bollocks like ‘understanding the music theory behind blink 182’s best songs’

fuck off, youtube

‘how to understand why led zeppelin is good’

YouTube’s way of telling you your taste in music is shit

(Obviously it’s not)


have just started systematically reporting every one of these that shows up in my sidebar. someone will get the message

i dunno i think it’s more sinister than that for sure. AMSR or unboxing videos are wildly popular on youtube but i don’t see any of that stuff in my suggested videos.

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