Youtube related videos

Have you noticed more and more right wing shit creeping into your related videos for no apparent reason? i mostly use the Tube for music, some film snippets, that kind of thing…
but i get ‘Rees-Mogg destroys liberal host’ and all this bullshit in my sidebar.
Is there a way of complaining to Youtube about it?

yep. started to get loads of ‘Jordan Peterson roasts feminist SJW’ type videos a few months ago


getting a lot of videos on how to make xylophones and kalimbas at the moment.

considering it.

I did get a Count Dankula recommendation the other day actually. what a fucking goblin.

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no but i get loads of fucking bollocks like ‘understanding the music theory behind blink 182’s best songs’

fuck off, youtube

‘how to understand why led zeppelin is good’

YouTube’s way of telling you your taste in music is shit

(Obviously it’s not)


have just started systematically reporting every one of these that shows up in my sidebar. someone will get the message

I think it sadly reflects the amount and popularity of that stuff on there (on account of sad men with too much time on their hands), think there is a growing amount of content to counter that stuff now which is good, guess in the past people thought this stuff is so dumb to need to argue but now it’s like oh we do. Subscribing and watching to decent you tubers seems to have sorted my recommendations but I do worry about kids for whom youtube is their main thing. Hopefully these guys seem so smug and unappealing that it isn’t a problem, and I’m optimistic about the younger generation they seem natively tolerant, think it’s my generation that is susceptible to this stuff

i dunno i think it’s more sinister than that for sure. AMSR or unboxing videos are wildly popular on youtube but i don’t see any of that stuff in my suggested videos.

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Reckon it’s targeted at a broad demographics, thirty something men, though no doubt these people know how to game an algorithm and have financial backers