Youtube removing the dislike count

i really like disliking things though :frowning:


Yeah, don’t think I ever dislike things but it is a good/interesting measure of the success rate of that video.

Should be option for the creator to disable the like function if they can’t cope with their video being disliked then. Done, solved!

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survival of the fittest mate!!!11

nah - just get nobs disliking videos for no reason - young kids having a first go at some youtube stuff and a load of nobs disliking it for no reason

I don’t watch those sort of videos so don’t know. But if they enabled the creator to disable the dislike button then that would be a better option. Don’t think that many adults making YouTube videos are bothered by a dislike being registered.


fair enough

imagine how rubbish you would feel if there was a dislike button here and you posted this opinion and then every member came and disliked it

spread the happpppiinnneessss duuuuude

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i saw a video the other day that had only just been uploaded and didn’t have any views yet (or maybe had one) and the person didn’t have many subscribers or anything and i thought THE POWER of hitting that dislike button could really crush them

video was shite as well but i still couldn’t do it


I’m on board with this. Should bin off the likes too, and the comments. The videos can probably go too.


Get a fair few dislikes on my bass videos, which I made so people could play stuff. They’re not great but they are completely free and people are free to just…not watch them.

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totally agree mate (aside from the fact that they are great)

Fine idea probably

Yes but this is a very different medium.

YouTube is far bigger than kids posting videos, there are also a lot of people posting right wing content to try to turn kids evil etc.

YT actually has huge problems overall with the quality of content and needs finer grained controls not some Blunt “don’t watch it” policy that holds a 10 year old making an honest try and a 40 year old riding hate speech rules to the very on the same equitable plane.

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the like to dislike count is the best barometer for the quality/usefulness of a video. Wanted to find out how to get ads off an amazon fire tablet earlier and impossible to know which video was the best without the like/dislike count. This is my story, please respect the journey.


Shouldn’t that stuff be reported rather than just clicking the down thing though?

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It is very easy to produce awful content that doesn’t break rules but in any case, reporting does nothing visual.

And as pointed out there are loads of “how to” videos out there where ratings ratios are a useful tool.

No one here wants kids to be bullied but it’s bordering on whataboutery to say this is good change, whether or not the intentions are good.

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I can see some benefit in keeping it but anything that reduces bullying can go as far as I’m concerned.

10k views is definitely lot

what is it?

Probably just a sign you have content skills and should go into YouTubes of guitar tech

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