YouTube roulette!

Hi all

I’ve got a moment spare so I thought I’d spend it on you.

Below are six Youtube links. Five are for various songs beloved of DiS. One is a video of a Surinam Toad giving birth.

Good luck!

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What, this?

Wasn’t even on there

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n f’in way mate.

What’s up? Worried you might click on the toad?

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Did anyone pick the toad?

I haven’t yet- but actually I am quite interested in this toad video. Is it the one that gives birth via holes in its skin?

That’s the one. It does leave an impression in one’s mind.

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It was all about the toad video for me. I quite like it. Must be the worst thing in the world for people who have that phobia though.

I managed not to accidentally play it when I was putting this together. However I did accidentally treat my colleague to the opening riff of Kevin Is In Jail.

I have watched it in its entirety. Once is enough.

I am without the fear. Perhaps there is really something wrong with me, and I’m going to die in a mass toad spawning because I don’t have any basic sense of natural dangers.

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