YouTube roulette!


Hi all

I’ve got a moment spare so I thought I’d spend it on you.

Below are six Youtube links. Five are for various songs beloved of DiS. One is a video of a Surinam Toad giving birth.

Good luck!




HAHA!! You’re a bastard… luckily I got THE BEST SONG :wink:


What, this?

Wasn’t even on there


I’m so sorry, I lied when I said that was the best song.

This is the best song.


n f’in way mate.


What’s up? Worried you might click on the toad?


I sur (in) am!


I love how I’ve my misery has been passed on. It’s like The Ring.


Did anyone pick the toad?


I haven’t yet- but actually I am quite interested in this toad video. Is it the one that gives birth via holes in its skin?


That’s the one. It does leave an impression in one’s mind.


It was all about the toad video for me. I quite like it. Must be the worst thing in the world for people who have that phobia though.


I managed not to accidentally play it when I was putting this together. However I did accidentally treat my colleague to the opening riff of Kevin Is In Jail.


Watch it! Have you not watched it in it’s entirety yet? The fear must be passed on.


I have watched it in its entirety. Once is enough.


I am without the fear. Perhaps there is really something wrong with me, and I’m going to die in a mass toad spawning because I don’t have any basic sense of natural dangers.