Youtube thinks I like this now



I went on there this morning, and my recommendations were suddenly just wall to wall “WATCH IT MELT channel” and “Hydraulic Press Action” and I’m not really sure why.

This video’s a bit creepy and seems like something for junior serial killers. A man heats up a knife and then just cuts up loads of household objects with it. This is where they start before moving on to neighbourhood pets.


YouTube thinks I like short high intensity interval training videos because my gf uses MY account on MY Xbox to watch them.



Maybe you should do some exercise?


Is that a dig at my bad knees? Because that’s not on.


It’s in my recommended too. What have we done @_Em?!


I’m sure there’s a youtube exercise video for people with painful knees. What are you waiting for?



Permission from my physio.


I quite like the one where he puts toilet paper in and turns into into some pressed fiberboard.


Love How Its Made videos. Not so sure about Watch It Melt.


You’re excused. You can sit on the bench and watch everyone else play netball, the world’s least fun sport.


Some men just want to watch the world melt.


Maybe the hot knife guy is really rich and spent a fortune on making sure we see him stabbing things?


You’d be a terrible PE teacher. The standard response to “I can’t do this activity because my doctor says I might cause myself irreparable harm” is to run laps of something on your own while everyone else has fun.


I rarely did PE at school. I was good at writing my own convincing forged notes. Or just not going to school when it was PE.


I have a bone condition that meant I couldn’t do contact sports for a few years for (legitimate, doctor-approved) fear of breaking every long bone in my body. PE teachers seemed to take this as a personal insult of some kind.


I have spent way too much time supervising kids using dangerous stuff. So I automatically start mentally going “no, that is not how you use a stanley knife, put that down” “why is this not in a fume cupboard”?

(Or adults who have volunteered to make rockwall panels but turn out to be less sensible than schoolkids- @Ruffers please never ever let N near an electric drill or even a stanley knife unsupervised ever again)


Yeah love it. Hydraulic presses, stuff with fire/blowtorches/hot metal balls (steady…), stuff getting destroyed in slow motion.


I think all school PE teachers must go to a special school of sadism where they also disavow medicine. They all seem to think asthma stems from personal and moral weakness too.


No but I have seen Uranium and Iridium together in my dreams :wink: