You've been eating jaffa cakes wrong all this time


Ha, naw I’m just kidding. You’ve pretty much got it nailed.


I’ve been saying Geoffa Capes a lot these last few days.


Jaffa first, cake last. Standard.

Like a Twix - caramel first, biscuit last.

Long live nibblers.


Aye that’s the badger.


no you are eating it wrong


Biscuit first, then roll the caramel up and bosh it in one go.

Yes, I know, I’m a monster.


These two posts have retroactively removed any enjoyment I have ever had from eating a twix


i had a twix yesterday and now i wish i hadnt


Happy to help.


Eating Jaffa cakes is wrong full stop, tbh.


I like to lick the end of my Kvik Luns until it starts melting a bit then rub the chocolate off on my nipples before devouring the wafer below.


I like to lick the end of yer maw a bit

POTW — bit eraly edition

Not tried one of those? Caramely?


Good grief!


dont need to worry about that post of the week thread this week, this is the winner :smiley:


A+++++++ fav Jordo thread in some time


Just realised I’ve completely forgotten about that for 2 or 3 weeks. Ooops


Thought we’d knocked the “yer ma” gags on the head. Really disappointed if not, I’ve got a ton of em


Nibble round the chocolate edges, then nibble chocolate off the top of the Jaffa, eat the cake til you’re left with just Jaffa, then eat the Jaffa


Reverse steps two and three and you’ve got it