You've been framed! Thread

Win £250 for your best reply bloopers!

Like this fool who didn’t see the skateboard when he was starting a thread about those massage chairs in service stations.

“How do you think those massage chairs in servi…oh fuck, who left that there?!!”


“I’m so close to finishing this house of cards, I sure hope nothing stops me completing it!”

Head spontaneously sets on fire

“Oh no!”


Put the video camera on lads

I’m going to try to paste an image into my post on DiS


video runs of me asleep in a chair in a garden. Why is someone filming this? who knows?

pack of chinchillas suddenly jump on me from a tree

chair collapses, I wake up screaming

head chinchilla grins at the camera


I’ve been accused of an armed robbery I didn’t commit!

uproarious laughter

Prefer the ones with a twist.

Like a man precariously teetering over a lake attempting to fish out a football. He’s on the edge, tiptoes, one hand lent on a wonky looking post when he wobbles and…

Retrieves the ball successfully before receiving a phone call from his wife she tells him that their marriage is over and she’s left for Morocco with the kids.

Harry Hill does a voice.


Should traffic wardens be armed

A bunch of people are in a field milling around aimlessly, they have tags in their ears and look confused until a dog comes and starts herding them into a different paddock, at which point a chap in a Barbour jacket and wellies comes and shuts the gate and leaves on a tractor.

Harry Hill: Welcome to You’ve Been Farmed!


Something I’m sure we can all relate to.

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Yes I’m covered in sick, yes I’m trying to seduce a bollard, yes I’m throwing my shoes at passing cars…


Mafiosa stories?