You've been washing your hands wrong


I hope you are all ashamed.


The benefit is not having cold hands




Wash them in cold water anyway


A few years ago Lauren Laverne told me I’d been brushing my teeth wrong. Apparently you’re not supposed to rinse your mouth out afterwards (seems like bollocks).

Now this.


Assumed that the temperature of the water would burn your hands before it killed bacteria, the idea is to wash them off.


i dont wash my hands


You’re definitely meant to rinse the bollocks afterwards, or the mint really stings.


was that on her old night time dental program?


Nah mate. ‘Tingles’.

A day with fresh testicles makes you
The envy of all the resticles.


I have no idea where I heard this. I just remember her lovely North Eastern tones.


aint nobody got time for that*

*recent example of an outdated meme


They’ll be telling us we’ve been washing our butts wrong next


Lifehack: wash your bum upside down like monkeys do





Threads like this, and others like it, back in 2010/11 are the reason I joined The Drowned In Sound Social Board


i thought about leaving after that particular one


alright @theo


Definitely an A. Bs are insane.