You've decided to (re)do your top albums of all time list

(You last did it over 10 years ago.)

What system/method would you use?

Spreadsheets for each decade and then combine top X albums from each?

A list for each letter of the alphabet and then combine?

What would you do if you’ve switched to streaming services?

Who else is thinking of such a crazy undertaking during this extended period indoors?

I’d think about it for a bit then decide


I’d listen to every album ever released since 1947 and then use a complex algorithm to decide that Spiceworld is the best album ever


Seems entirely fair tbh

I’d text all my mates and form a superband. Then I’d record 10 albums, all of which would be new entrants in my top 10 favourite albums list.

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Have been doing my favourite albums of each decade recently, and I think they’re are a bit like quarterbacks - better compared to their contemporaries than others from distant eras where the possibilities (especially in terms of technology) were so different.

There’s plenty wrong with the decade approach, but think I prefer it to trying to decide whether Good Kid, MAAD City is better than Pet Sounds

If I was going to do it this would probably be how I’d do it

Yeah, I know what you mean.

I think I’m just doubling-down on the ridiculousness of the situation by doing the biggest, most ridiculous list I can think of.

  • Pet Sounds
  • GKMC

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Look what you made me do!

Good luck with the list!

I definitely wouldn’t do a spreadsheet because that would be uncool and anti-rock and roll (also because I never bothered to learn how to do spreadsheets).

To cool to do this

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I would probably have a think and write it down