You've got a spot brewing deep under the surface of your skin on the face

  • Wait for nature to take its course
  • Apply creams and ointments to try to stop it
  • Hack at your face with your nails and fingers and leave your face a red, bloodied mess for up to a week

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Worry at it absent mindedly with my fingers until it gets fat and red then squeeze it.

This is very me. Adult acne at 36! Get fucccccccccccccccccked.

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Look at this fucking dickhead

I know I should leave them alone but I just cant stop myself.


shit innit.

my advice to you is to get pregnant then you’ll have no spots for 9 months.

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The CosRX pimple patches are good for treatment, and provides a barrier to stop you hacking at them. Though sometimes I can’t find them and steal the TV’s starface ones, which are less subtle, especially this recent collaboration.

Not great when you forget and answer the door to the postie with several on your face


I get loads of these bastards and it does my head in cause I can’t stop FAFFING.
Always have some around my jaw (which is a hormone thing I think), but I had a great big whopping horrible swine of one in my eyebrow the other week that wound my up so much that after a few days I ended up getting a tattoo needle out of the cupboard to try and prod it with but had no joy.

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OK brb

Looks like you’ve scratched it off?! Get some germoline on that imo and stop touching it

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You’re God damn right I did.

Stuck a patch thing on it (similar to @svenrokk’s things) but then peeled it off and kept going at it

you donut

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My method is to apply Savlon (or similar) in the hope of turning it into a spot that I can pop in a satisfying way.

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Is this the Thursday filth thread?


That pain when you try to squeeze out a spot that isn’t ready for squeezing is agonising. Will I try it straight away again in case I just got my finger positioning wrong though? You bet I will.


I can’t help myself!

Sticking toothpaste on a spot to dry it out

  • I do this
  • I don’t this

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everyone just buy these


I wouldn’t have any face left visible :pensive: