you've got to face it... it is monday

i’ve got the dominos hangover

honestly think i feel worse than if i’d had six or seven lager beers

but enough about that. what are YOU doing?

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all.

Snow at the weekend, sunshine on Monday morning. Typical. A 5 day week too :grimacing:

Thoughts with any posters who work in non-essential retail and will be being exposed to the release of frustration of the English public shopping today . Social media awash already with arguments about Primark.

Pretty knackered as I woke up in the middle of the night with my right arm fully numb, as my t shirt had twisted and cut off blood. Made getting back to sleep pretty tricky as I worried about it, and kept moving my arm to check.

Surprisingly unaffected by the dinner I fucked up by putting in double the soy sauce then ate anyway. Going to have the rest for lunch.

Been shown the wonderful news this morning that a former employer that I have some small amount of ill will towards (ahem) is getting sued for being dodgy as fuck. It’s in The Times and everything. Hope they get rinsed/savaged by a pack of rabid dogs.


Have to do about 15 video calls with strangers this week which I cba with. On the plus side, it’s my birthday week so I’m being nice to myself. Might go for a chilly run in a bit.

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Good morning.

I’ve got to go to the office this afternoon, first time since March 2020. Its only to collect some belongings as they’re rearranging the building so no one else will be there but am oddly excited. Might try and get a haircut too.

hope you don’t find you left an apple in your desk

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I’m more worried about having possibly left smelly gym clothes in my locker :nauseated_face:


Good for socks and pants, not so good for anything else.

Back at work, got a zoom in 5 minutes. Fresh pot of coffee on. Feels great to be back and be part of the system again. Ready to do a hard day’s work and help my company turn a profit!!

Right guys? Heh, heh… :eyes:


Morning all!

I’m still on Spring Break (SPRING BREAK!!!) so I’ll be spending my morning doing admin and playing Dark Souls 3 this afternoon.

Wor Lass keeps avoiding the question of what she wants for tea because, I think, she wants me to starve.

D&D later; this week with added wine.


Pint anyone?


It’s dry Monday. And it’s grey and cold outside.

Mugged myself right off. Running a training session 4-7:30 every day this week. Volunteered back when I assumed we’d still be in lockdown.

Also broke my toe yesterday at football. Also hungover. Fuck off



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Still very annoyed about it being really sunny but cold.

Saag Paneer for tea. Just need to get through the day first.

Might have a nap on company time

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Got up earlyish over the weekend so this morning was relatively painless.
Had some check in meetings and some of my work has been pushed back for good company reasons so slightly lighter load for me today. Hope this portends a good week :crossed_fingers:t2:

People appear to be unable to simultaneously accept that:
£3 t shirts that die after one wash are environmentally bad and inevitably made by people on sweatshop wages.
Some people are in a position where said t shirt is all they can afford to clothe their kids.
That people need new clothes for said kids wh will have grown in lockdown
That loads of people queuing to get in a shop to scrimmage for cheap clothes isn’t great in a pandemic.

You must apparently die on the hill of one of these points.


Just accept this is never going to happen.

“there’s no paneer in 'ere”