You've just been given 20 grand that can only be spent on plastic surgery


what’s on your order?
I’d get a perfect set of gnashers. Then add a gold grill on top.


straighten broken nose out

balance to big bumplants


how did you break your nose chum


Don’t think 20k would be enough tbh


hench dong


can they do that without making it pencil width yet? Just asking for a friend…


Oooo… I’d have a beak surgically attached to my face.


old fashioned donnybrook with my brother.

was fully splat. had it fixed once so its not as bad, just points north north easterly now.


If I lived in Sweden first do you reckon it would be easier to move to Norway?


now you’re just being silly witches


Wild front ear


Get my nose reconstructed. Not for aesthetic reasons but for sinus reasons.


bit of a shallow reason there m8


gold plated cocaine nail.


Hair transplant


Balls on my chin


i’d get a big, fuck-off young-brando jawline. on the waterfront style.


well, it wouldn’t be as far to travel


breast reduction and lift

teeth straightened and whitened

if there is any left they can lift my eye bags a bit


Cock reduction