You've run out of tomatoes

You’re in your kitchen

How long would it be before you were slicing one up on your chopping board?

(I forgot to buy tomatoes)

(I’m not in my kitchen)

No I haven’t

Could I please have some?

Sure. I’ll be home about 6 if you want to pop round.

10 minutes

i wouldn’t be slicing them. i use canned.

A few days to a week

Nice sandwich?

If I leave now I will be there at 15:34. I could wait outside if that is ok.

I refuse to buy shit tomatoes, so will have to go to a super-o instead of the local corner shop. So this will take me c.20 minz return trip

no thanks, i’ve just had lunch

If you hop the fence you could shelter in the woodshed.

chill out the divine comedy

Shit tom’z is a mugs game.

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would crack open a tin of toms probably. would that help?

10 minutes if I went to so near so spar in the car. Bit longer if I venture to a supermarket.

To be honest I’d probably just have something else.

^This fortunately - currently picking on some at my desk…

Grocers just up the road. I reckon I could be there and back in 10 minutes.

I wouldn’t run out of tomatoes though.

I’m really busy Ben.

Job interview tomorrow. Trying to prep.