You've seen people wearing shoes at work, you've seen people wearing no shoes at work

Have you seen anyone wearing slippers at work, the big furry kind of slippers? Nor had I, until today.

Saw a guy wearing a blue converse shoe on one foot, and a red one on the other

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I used to go out with someone who did this with massive DMs, it got a lot of attention. I quite liked it if I’m honest, and if I’m not honest, I didn’t like it.

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If you think about it, wearing slippers at work if you have a desk job shouldn’t be that weird.

It is, though.


they were big furry ones and were being worn into the toilet

Slippers normal standard ones is a gd idea for the office

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Use to work in same office as some joker who would take his shoes and socks off and go walking around the open plan office without a care in the world, stopping occasionally to rub the floor with his toes as he talked to someone :face_vomiting:

Hope for their sake the floor wasn’t damp!

I’m indifferent at best

Expensive leather soled shoes might as well be slippers accept they are much more uncomfortable, there not suitable for anything else

this little event might tell us more about our own prejudices and just how wrong we as a society are than anything else

basically comes down to whether you think it’s better to be comfortable or uncomfortable

and whether or not slippers are the vehicle to the destination of comfort

Where does that end, though?

and if we can’t handle you at your worst, we don’t deserve you at your best

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not sure
maybe with those novelty slippers that make a noise when you press a button, if they exist


That’s a good idea imo, there’s also suggestions it makes the environment a lot calmer and quieter as kids arent stomping around in clunky shoes and are more comfortable moving around

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we wore pumps

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Aye plimsolls for PE.

At my primary school everyone had to change into plimsols whenever they were indoors.