You've seen people wearing shoes at work, you've seen people wearing no shoes at work

yes, once


i regularly walk around my office without any shoes on

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Very considerate, keeping the noise down for the readers.

I’m a big fan of no shoes in work, but I work in a technical area that most people have access too, so I don’t care.

I do get funny looks when I forget and walk into the canteen in my socks.
But I don’t really care about that either.

I’ve had many a disagreement with the woman at work who works sockless and gets her feet out at meal times and puts them on the communal table like some dirty hobbit. Gets right on my tits

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Think I’d quite like wearing slippers or just socks at work

Seriously!! When I started working there no one said anything and I was like, “Am I the only person seeing this shit?” I do feel quite sorry for her because she smells a lot and is a bit of a weird cat lady and then I got really paranoid that she was/is my future self


I could get away with my slippers at work I reckon as their more of a clog type thing. Now I thibk about it why don’t we wear slippers at work? It’s so bad wearing shoes all day especially if you’re sat down for most of it.

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usually i wear my shoes that squeak really loudly when I walk

It really doesn’t bother me what other people do at work. Most folk are too uptight to do anything like wear slippers or take their shoes off anyway, although one girl in my team is a barefooter.

I wear slippers at work all the time. My feet regularly have problems as one is bigger than the other so I have been known to wear them in the office. It’s fine. Have some of that. Squares.


hi, i work in a slipper factory

we have to wear protective footwear at all times because of all the machinery


Woman I worked with used to do this, proper irked me. Particularly as you did not have any dress code anyway so she could have just worn trainers and been fine, more comfy and probably better supported in the foot arch.

Attention seeking if you ask me…

At a former workplace when I was the only person there - it was a small company and no one was going to turn up announced - on a Sunday in the middle of summer with the air-conditioning not working, I sat at my desk in nothing but my underpants. If other people had been there it’d have been a different story.

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Is it just me or does everyone wear brown shoes all of a sudden?

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I certainly hope not.

“Never wear brown in town” - Marilyn Monroe

I used to work with a woman who kept six pairs of seemingly identical high heeled shoes under her desk. Puzzling.