Yuppy Shite


Heaven forbid people like stuff ay


That’s not the point at all really is it?

The point’s that spending eight grand on a wardrobe makes someone a bit of a twat.


A limited edition egg timer. For $12,000.


How does it though?


Come on now


But the threads where we slag off things that other people like are the best ones


here we go


Tickets to a premier league football game.


Tickets to anything at the O2



Mate if you are spending 100 times what something should cost for nothing but an aesthetic difference, if you have enough money to do that and you choose to do that because you are that bored or normalised to your wealth or only interested in the tastes of your super rich peers then you are massive twat


We’ll probably have to agree to disagree on this one, but i think it’s socially irresponsible. This money it costs for this piece of furniture could feed 23,000 starving people for a day.

…and yeah, i think the same logic applies to stuff i buy, but to a lesser extent. I’ve bought a £150 coat in the past, or a £90 pair of shoes, or gambled money. I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say i don’t waste money on pointless shit, but there’s a sliding scale.

Secondly, as nice as it is, it would be quite easy to make something like that for 1-2% of that. It annoys me that such little stuff’s traded ethically and that so many people buy into this sort of yuppy consumerism.

People can have nice things without being horrendous human beings, and i don’t consider it relative to wealth or earnings. If i had a billion quid, would i be more likely to spend four grand on a shelf? I’d argue not.


I’ll grant an exception if theres someone out there who really loves wardrobes and saved up for years to get their ideal wardrobe or something.




Was that meant as a reply to me?

Fully agree with you, I just enjoy these sorts of threads especially when it gets to the point of beeves occurring.


Sorry just something about that link in the OP inspired rage in me, my bad :slight_smile:


Who creates the sliding scale?

And does buying something expensive mean you can’t also help out other people? How do you know each individual scenario of someone buying an item of furniture?

You’re also taking part in yuppy consumerism. Just because your item is lesser value, it doesn’t make it any better (or worse by your own standards).

Let people live their lives. Just because you wouldn’t buy that doesn’t mean someone else shouldn’t buy that. Same applies for thousands upon thousands of items.


Are we not just really over judging people for such petty shit?
So fed up of this judgmental culture. I thought we were moving forward into a world of let people live and be and do what they want if they’re not harming someone yet here we go again “this prick has bought something expensive”.


sorry but I think you’re wrong here meowington.

How do you challenge huge wealth inequality in society if we just say “it’s perfectly fine for the rich to spend as much money as they want on whatever they want”?


Maybe taking huge amounts of money from rich people for tat is the way forward.