Yves Tumor 2023 - New album out 17.03.2023.

This track was showing on Spotify for a while but “unavailable “ . Sounds good

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Sounds good on first listen. Gonna give it a miss until the album is out now though

I think Yves Tumor is going the same way as James Blake went for me. LOVED their earlier stuff and enjoy what they’re doing now, but my enjoyment of them diminishes on every release.

This new album is good. But not sure how much I’m gonna go back to it. Then again, I said that about his last two on first listen and I went back to both quite a bit. So who knows.

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I felt that about his last one, although it’s clearly good, it lacked some of the edge the previous two had. But thought the Asymptotical EP was great and sort of got me back on board, then really loved this today (early days mind).

Agree about James Blake though. Can’t listen to his new stuff.

First few songs don’t do much for me but from Parody on it’s pretty good.
I think it sounds perfect for spring, shame the weather hasn’t caught up yet.

Conversely, haven’t been at all bothered by anything he’s done up until this album.

Listening to the newie now. Really loving it so far. Really great sounds on it