Yves Tumour

Anyone listened to him? A crude way to describe his music is if Dean Blunt released something on 4AD.

A bit like Dean Blunt, it’s hard to pin down his music. Veers between soul, funk, gospel, ambient, noise, electronica without really being any of them at all.

Seems to have released two records this year, Serpent Feet, which is a bit more varied/abrasive, and When Man Fails You, which is more ambient, and the one I prefer.

things that go bump in the night

When Man Fails You is great thus far - thanks for the tip, I was looking for a good ambient(ish) record.

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nice one

will give this a listen when I get the chance

imagine there’s quite a variety in there

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New album is quality

P4K BNM 9.1

Honesty is just jawdroppingly good… best electronic music I’ve heard all year

clip here…

Track here…

Not really a fan of the new one at all. Odd how much more intense he is live, wish he was like that on record

It’s very good. Not quite as weird/esoteric as his previous ones, feels like a bit of a lunge towards a wider audience (without compromising his style)

Realised I’ve got his name wrong:Tumor!

There’s some quite poignant/provocative lyrics here: Noid seems to refer to police brutality, while being swamped by an early 90s Madchester beat emphasized text

Only heard about him because of a tweet from Warp yesterday. The new album is superb. That last track keeps throwing me. What should i listen to next?

Also he just released John Bence’s record, which is short but fantastic

Haunting medieval beats

Playing in London soon as well

Serpent music!