No doubt to me that the commercial peak and artistic peak do not necessarily meet. Examples being Blur - Country House and Madness - House Of Fun. Pick a band / artist and denote their zenith.



was hoping this would be a band called ‘zeniths’ and i could post a pithy ‘more like nadirs’ comment. oh well


Fair comment and good wordplay. I’m going to ignore the MMBT post as DIS is better than that. Another few; The Smiths - Hatful Of Hollow. New Order - Blue Monday, you just don’t top that.


Ceremony and true faith are better than blue Monday for me Clive


Still can’t tell if you really think the examples you’ve given are these bands at their best. I’ve never heard anyone suggest Country House was Blur finest moment. (Blur losing the plot a bit, yes, although I guess it got to number one above Oasis). Blue Monday sold well, but was described by the band as having been thrown together quickly when testing out a new drum machine, I think. I like it, but personally think they have plenty of better tunes.


Imagine thinking new order had ever topped world in motion


So are we trying to find commercial zeniths, artistic zeniths, or SUPER-COMBO-ZENITHS?


St. Petersburg


Temptation too


Common People is an example of a band’s commercial and artistic zenith being one and the same.