Zodiac Killer Poetry Generator


This is an AI designed to decode the Zodiac Killer’s cyphers, but it writes amazing poetry too:

This is a poem about cats:


She said some shit about a golden jackal,
That took the time to taste the Teddy bear!
Dick dog dick damn exotic animal,
So snatch an ass and ass an arctic hare.


Love Zodiac (the film). Tried this but it kept generating the same bollocks about foreign intervention and Captain Benjamin?


Ooooo creepy one:

An animated television special!
Or at a real recording studio,
Then I write a song about parents and,
The sound of their children on the radio.


A hundred billion people going greased!
To float upon a Halloween parade,
Tumble through the air and join the feast,
Drink a little glass of lemonade.


Yeah same

Dream about a human being led,
Fighting at the state of great depression!
And when a hundred million soldiers fled,
By the name of colonel Benjamin.


Ha, took me a while but I realised you have to put random words into the boxes either side of generate :man_facepalming:

I put “radio” and “cartoon”


I requested lots of swearing


Fucking fuck throughout the Cardiff castle.
Aim an asshole at a crooked coup,
They try to travel through the bloody angle,
Add an arm and ass an anus grew.



That’s one of mine goshdarnit


Mine went a bit death metal…

A gallows tree upon cathedral bough!
A wretched bloody rotten donkey breeds,
O stallion mountain shoulder shield and plow,
Beneath the blood of iron serpent steeds


Love this, very Sabbath.


Ha! This is really amusing me. This one’s like a psychotic Beck…

So you can hear this fucking phone prescription,
An arrow cutting through the portal vein!
My brain has given me a heart condition,
Eating shrimp and cannabis cocaine.


Talented guy, wasnt he


The fucking motherfucking welcome Intro!
I never fucked a pussy ass or pee,
An asshole full of shit and fuck the lingo,
A fucking mother fucker kidding me.


I like this one. They’re like Matt Berninger lyrics.


Sounds like The Mars Volta


A bit post-modern this one:

Watch the people smoke and drink a toast,
To show the way of being hot and smelly.
Like a message from the holy ghost,
Nuclear potential energy.


Reminds me of one of those crap poems written by Carol Ann Duffy after a national tragedy.


Bit distasteful this


Sorry, mum


The thought the transformation took control,
The self-destruction violent repression,
Subconscious self-destruction heavy toll,
The thoughtless military intervention.