Zola Jesus

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well here’s an artist i forgot about, not sure why though, fucking loved stridulum II

Me too! Totally agree that Stridulum II was ace as was the follow up Conatus (Vessel gave me chills) but I completed missed the two album that have been released since.

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Hasselbaink Christ


Just announced some UK dates n all

Hope this is better than her last album. Was not a fan of that one at all.

(Not the live one, the poppy one before that).

New album Arkon coming in May - enjoying this first song off it:

Detailed blurb for the album on the Bandcamp page


As always excellent, still amazed she is still with Sacred Bones thought someone would have tried to snapped her up by now. 2017 since I last saw her at Band on the Wall with Devon Welsh supporting that were a good gig.

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Supporting Johnny Jewel at Meltdown for the full 2010 experience


Quite tempted tbh