Zombie apocalypse

THEY’RE COMING. You can grab one (1) item that is currently within arm’s reach with which to defend yourself. What do you choose?

27" 3.5GHz i7 iMac with 16gb of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M graphics card


Going to post some scathing tweets about them, are we?

Fucking smash their skulls in with it mate

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I don’t think you’ve got that kind of audience tbh.

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a pair of feckin women’s knickers


Nice one, mate :wink:

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Well that’s handy. Thought you’d be stuck with a mostly eaten roast chicken carcass.

i’ve got a hammer within arms reach, so that

I’m at chez Balonz which is a chicken carcass free zone

don’t be that guy Eps


Actually, this is my answer as well, MacBook Pro would be much easier to swing at cranium than the full-blown iMac

I reckon my weight utilitarian work Dell would be much more use for skull smashing. Fuck you, apple twats!

^ is currently sat on the toilet and worried about how far three sheets of thin toilet paper is going to get him in the post-apocalyptic wastelands

Rolled up newspaper

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There is a short sample of this in the unit behind me:

So probably that

Bottle of wine

I have a WW2 rocket launcher on me today for some training I was doing. I might struggle to find actual rockets for it but it is a heafty beast.


Power cord with plug on the end. I could swing it around my head and whack the bastards with it (I’d be done for within seconds).