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Favourite pumpkin. Dave?


Quite like the headline under that too.

2009, I think.

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I remember when this happened but there’s this extra bit in the wikipedia article that’s truly unnerving:

The killing of Glenn Hollinshead[edit]
On 19 May 2008, Sabina was released from court without a full psychiatric evaluation having pleaded guilty to trespass on the motorway and hitting a police officer.[1] The court sentenced her to one day in custody which she had been deemed to have served having spent a full night in police custody. Leaving court she began to wander the streets of Stoke-on-Trent, seemingly attempting to reach her sister in hospital, carrying her possessions in a clear plastic bag given to her by police.[9]

Sabina’s course of action in Fenton.
At 19:00,[4] two local men spotted Sabina whilst walking a dog on Christchurch Street, Fenton.[1] One of the men was 54-year-old Glenn Hollinshead – a self-employed welder, qualified paramedic, and former RAF worker.[10][11] The other man was his friend Peter Molloy. Sabina appeared friendly[9] and stroked the dog[9] as the three people struck up a conversation. Although friendly, Sabina appeared to be behaving oddly and this odd behaviour worried Molloy.[9] Sabina asked the two men for directions to any nearby bed and breakfasts or hotels.[1] Hollinshead took pity upon her and instead offered to take her back to his house at Duke Street, Fenton. Sabina accepted the offer and the three walked to the house, as Sabina told the men how she was trying to locate her hospitalised sister.

Back at the house her odd behaviour continued; most notably she offered the men cigarettes, only to quickly snatch them out of their mouths as the men smoked them, claiming the cigarettes to be poisoned.[9] She was also carrying multiple mobile phones, as well as a laptop. She appeared to be paranoid and constantly looked out of the windows; this behaviour caused Molloy to assume that she had run away from an abusive partner.[9] Shortly before midnight Molloy left the two,[4] and Sabina stayed the night in Hollinshead’s home.[1]

The next day, 20 May,[4] Hollinshead called the local hospitals in order to locate Sabina’s sister Ursula.[7] At 19:40, Hollinshead came outside of the house to ask a neighbour, Frank Booth, for tea bags. Frank said he would get the tea bags once he had finished washing his vehicle, and Hollinshead went back to his home.[12] One minute after returning inside he staggered back outside to the neighbour and told him “she stabbed me”, before collapsing to the ground.[1] Sabina had stabbed him five times with a kitchen knife[5] and Hollinshead died from his injuries.[1] Sabina fled the premises[1] and the neighbour dialled 999.

Sabina’s flight from capture[edit]
Sabina ran out of the house with a hammer, periodically hitting herself over the head with it.[5] A passing motorist, Joshua Grattage,[4] saw this extraordinary behaviour and decided to tackle her in an attempt to take control of the hammer. While wrestling with Grattage, Sabina took a roof tile out of her pocket and struck him on the back of the head with it, stunning him temporarily.


Right, going out on Friday for a Halloween thing. My mate wants us to go as the gang from scooby doo, which on reflection isn’t THAT bad/hard… but I don’t think anyone is up for it.

Need to find something cool to go as… mphmm


Go as each other. Make gentle fun of your fashion foibles as a group.

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“13 Year Old Boy Has Time Machine Plan That Works”

This is my new favourite site.

100% true

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On the subject of creepy twins:

And shared psychosis:


This creeped me out when reading about it a few months ago:

The women’s phones showed that for some hours after the start of their hike someone had dialed 112 (the emergency number in the Netherlands) and 911 (the emergency number in Panama).

The first distress call had been made just hours after beginning their hike: one from Kremers’s iPhone at 04:39 pm and shortly after that, one from Froon’s Samsung Galaxy at 04:51 pm. None of the calls had gone through due to a lack of reception in the area except for one 911 call attempt on April 3 that lasted for a little over a second before breaking up. After April 5, Froon’s phone battery became exhausted after 05:00 am and was not used again. Kremers’s iPhone would not make any more calls either but was intermittently turned on to search for reception. After April 6, multiple attempts of a false PIN code were entered into the iPhone; it never received the correct code again. One report showed that between the 7th and 10th of April, there were 77 emergency call attempts with the iPhone. On April 11, the phone was turned on at 10:51 am, and was turned off for the last time at 11:56 am.

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The Tromp family case is soooo weird. That reddit thread still doesn’t explain WHY they did it.

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Eek ah fuck, you’d think this wouldn’t scare me cos it’s my thread but you’d be wrong!


Underrated little gem this:

Free, full, LEGAL! The granddaddy:

Finally (for…now!):


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been invited to a scifi themed hallowe’en party :roll_eyes:



Not having this. Don’t care for people using Halloween as an excuse to dress up in any old costume. Either go as some kind of ghoul or GTFO of my party. Sci-Fi horror = acceptable. Benign aliens/Robots = unacceptable

Bit harsh on theo but yeah, hallowe’en already has a theme you dumbos

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Happy Cat Christmas spook fans.