💥 🎬 Zoom FILM QUIZ (Weds 06/05 8pm) 🎬 💥

Hello everyone!

Next week will see the first ever Social Board Zoom Film Quiz! How exciting!

Will pretty much copy the format that’s been done so far, by assigning teams and so on. Hope lots of people join in, the more the merrier and all that. Won’t be a snobby film studies kind of quiz, promise.

  • Yes please
  • Nah

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I will watch all of the fast and furiouses in preparation

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vIN diesel


in that case I am out!


schINdlers list

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Ahm oot


pulp fictIN

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Wish I could but I’ll have the kids here that evening

The Adventures of TINtIN

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The INbetweeners movie 2


blazINg saddles

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The Englishman Who Went up a Hill but Came down a MountaIN


Just giving this a wee bump

THIS :boom: IS :boom: TOMORROW :boom: !!!

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My sister might join in with a team from Portugal :sweat_smile:

I’m out sorry wr, got a clash


Ohhhh actually does anyone else have a pro Zoom account that we can use??

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Might still be able to set up a zoom for you and use my personal room for the other one