💥 🎬 Zoom FILM QUIZ (Weds 06/05 8pm) 🎬 💥

Might still be able to set up a zoom for you and use my personal room for the other one

If someone else has one you can use then that’d be ideal but may be able to help if not

How much does it cost? Could we maybe chop it and pay for a communal DiS account?

Absolutely no idea. Get it through work innit

£12 a month

I’d love to be part of this but don’t think I’ll be able to, which makes me sad

We can just reload the room halfway through when we’re doing first round of points or something, don’t worry about it :blush:

Hello! Am I too late to maybe join in? Be warned, I am generally a bit awful at quizzes but I like films :blush:

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sorry i can’t make it :frowning:
but i have a zoom premium account you can borrow :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with how these quizzes work. Could I get a brief tutorial from someone?

I do like film and zoom, and maybe INformant if I know how it works.

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IN Bruges (if it’s not too late)

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It is absolutely not too late, welcome aboard!

@NeilYoung I divide you all into teams, we «meet» on Zoom, I give you questions and each team can chat amongst themselves to agree on an answer. We’ll go through the answers once when we’re halfway through, and then at the end. Hope you’ll join! (I watched a movie last night where they were drinking Coors Light and I thought of you!)

I’m not giving you all the categories beforehand, but as a teaser I will say that there will be an emoji guess the film title round :sunglasses:


That’s very kind of you, thank you! Slide into my DMs with the details?

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Always knew you were classy.

One other question, bare with me, Im American. If everyone was on zoom wouldn;t everyone be able to hear other teams discussing final answers?

You don’t discuss the answers on zoom, but for example in a DM thread on here :grin:

Hi what is your policy on spousal participants?

Fine as long as I know about them beforehand so can take them into account when assigning teams!

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Any estimation as to length? Just trying to decide whether to eat before or after!

I’m excited

Would say about 90 min altogether, including answers rounds and that


Ooo, exciting.

SO, WR, what are the chances this is all based on HORROR films? :smiley: haha.

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