Zwarte Piet

Absolutely fucked that this is so prevalent in 2018 still.

Mindblowingly obvious that it should be banned, yet still it happens throughout the Netherlands.

“voor de kinderen” my fucking arse.

Don’t try and use different colours as a half-way measure either, just sack the fucking concept off.


been saying this for years


All the Dutchies at my work are adamant that it isn’t racist.

I’m not letting Dutch people tell me what is and isn’t racist.


Woah, fucking hell m9s.


Late Of The Piet

lol, don’t post about something you’ve never heard off before foppyish


Some people who I thought were pretty switched on get shockingly close to fence sitting with this, blows my mind.

It’s clear cut institutional racism.


It’s properly outrageous eh. Can’t believe it still exists.

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Have the same problem in CZ with normal, liberal and sensible folk thinking that the Romani people here are essentially a subspecies.

Zwarte Piet was a hero to most
But he never meant shit to me you see
Straight up racist that sucker was
Simple and plain
Mother fuck him and John Wayne


Vice’s article on the ‘tradition’ from last year…

Protests were banned in Nijmegen this year since “the demonstration will lead to unnecessary confrontations”.

Someone I know here said that the British would go insane if it was announced that Santa Claus was now a black woman. :unamused:

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In my limited experience I tend to find the Irish much less racist than the British, apart from the almost universal attitude towards travellers which is literally medieval


Wasn’t aware of that, though that’s a different racist tradition

When I was at university I did an exchange thing for a few months to Holland. Got friendly with a student there who was really interested in the programme and coming to the UK. I bumped into her the following year as she had decided to come to my college. She didn’t know anybody so I invited her out with my mates - was Halloween which which always meant a huge party. Anyway, told her where’d we be and she arrives in some kind of golliwog outfit. Blacked up, the lot.


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My conscience is clear, I haven’t celebrated Sinterklaas since I left home. Bin the whole thing.


I deal with this daily on the phone and it absolutely disgusts me. Have hung up the phone a few times after warning people I wouldn’t tolerate their racism. The Irish attitude towards members of the travelling community is a disgrace.


So weird.

No racism here, just sexism, but on Easter Monday here men will knock on doors, and when a woman answers they have to spank her, and she has to give them food/alcohol/money :neutral_face:

Do you think it’s possible to celebrate Sinterklaas without the aspect of Zwarte Piet? Couldn’t they just remove that aspect? Does it really add to the story / tradition?

There was a Sinterklaas and a Piet right next to my street yesterday. It is just insane that someone is literally blacked up in the street.

And the worst thing was that everyone sat outside the pub where they were standing were cheering.