Zwarte Piet



Do you think it’s possible to celebrate Sinterklaas without the aspect of Zwarte Piet? Couldn’t they just remove that aspect? Does it really add to the story / tradition?


There was a Sinterklaas and a Piet right next to my street yesterday. It is just insane that someone is literally blacked up in the street.

And the worst thing was that everyone sat outside the pub where they were standing were cheering.


It’s mind blowing how prevalent it is. I thought maybe it’d be a behind closed doors dirty secret, but I’ve seen SO many of them the last couple of weeks.


As a general rule “tradition” as a justification for a thing means the thing will likely be bad.


Yeah it’s really kind of awful how out there it is. Went into Hema last week to get some Christmas wrapping paper and the Piet’s were all over it. Imagine giving it to someone in England!

‘Where did you get this KKKaccessories?’


WTF - just random strangers?


The casual racism in the Netherlands shocked me in general. Heard the N-word used by young people that previously seemed like regular GBOLs far too often, and plenty else otherwise. I mean, I’m not sure xenophobia in the UK is any better, just people aren’t so brazen about it.

Had never heard of Zwarte Piet until I was just wandering down the street one day and was handed a flyer by a guy in black face and was completely dumbfounded.



Zwarte Piet has only been around for about 150 years. Any attempt to remove him would immediately play in the hands of nationalists who feel that “Dutch culture” is under attack.

It’s part of the good cop/bad cop narrative that the Sinterklaas myth is based on. That’s why they introduced multi-coloured Piets. But that’s not really the point.


yep. the spanking is normally done with a branch of some kind. Not sure if that makes it better or worse.


I can answer that: WORSE.


Where do you live?


Czech Rep



Now I’ve thought about it, I think maybe in the big towns and cities you just do it with women that you know. But in small villages, like my ex’s home, you’d just go knocking on any door you see. Was quite weird when she said she’d be going home for the Easter weekend and a load of men will be coming round to spank her.

It turns out that men were doing that to her on days other than Easter Monday anyway so I needn’t have worried. :joy:




WTF? :open_mouth:
They’d get a chainsaw to the head if they try that round my way.


Have you seen many people doing routines about it over the last few weeks or at all?


Ladies, gentlemen, I give you Lancashire’s Britannia Coconutters:

That tune will be in your head for weeks.


I haven’t actually, not even from MCs.


Is this the thing the spice girls called out?