💯🖕 1001 Albums: DiS - Day 10: Eternally Yours by The Saints

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Best track:

  • Know Your Product
  • Lost and Found
  • Memories are Made of This
  • Private Affair
  • A Minor Aversion
  • No, Your Product
  • This Perfect Day
  • Run Down
  • Orstralia
  • New Centre of the Universe
  • Untitled
  • (I’m) Misunderstood
  • International Robots

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Dis’s 1001 so far:

9.17 | Station to Station / David Bowie
8.92 | Daydream Nation / Sonic Youth
8.63 | Maggot Brain / Funkadelic
7.60 | KE A H** (Psalm 69) / Ministry
7.45 | L* iege and Lief / Fairport Convention
7.00 | Licensed to Ill / Beastie Boys
6.24 | The Slider / T. Rex
5.90 | Very / Pet Shop Boys

At least two Simpsons pre-references in the tracklist, let’s go.

Never really listened to them before.
Its way better than i expected (judged by the album cover).

Only really know Know Your Product from various stuff, think of them as Iggy and the Stooges rip offs but those horns are quite something. Will give the record a go.

Not familiar with this one. In fact, the only thing I know about The Saints is the singer guy turning up on Nick Cave’s “Bring It On”. Will give it a blast later.

Haven’t heard of them.

The guitarist also toured with the Bad Seeds for a bit after Mick Harvey left and before the new guy joined

I’ve never listened to The Saints before though

Genuinely never heard of this band.

Anyone a fan?

OK, I’ve listened to this now and I really enjoyed it. Definitely one for fans of The Stooges.

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They used to have Matt le Tissier up front, I believe.


I only know I’m Stranded, which pops up on lots of compilations. I know they are supposed to be one of those influential early punk bands but I’ve never felt the impetus to investigate them.

these are a band I’ve always meant to explore having only heard ‘i’m stranded’. It sounds good on first listen, didn’t blow me away but I’ll abstain on voting as I won’t get to listen to it enough to give it a fair mark.

it does remind me a lot of that last Iceage album the way they mix horns with rock n roll riffs.

Gave the whole thing a go, mostly disappointing tbh. Not really enough hooks, not enough grit, really annoying hackneyed Iggy vocals with basic lyrics. The (far too few) horns being the only saving grace, along with a nice driving pulse to some of the tempos. A 5.

Never heard of the band or album before so went in completely blind for my first listen. A couple of good tracks for me but a lot of just OK songs as well. Nothing awful but nothing to really get that excited about. The definition of a 5/10 album for me.

As others have said, one of those bands I was aware of but didn’t really know. Which I suppose is kind of the point of this exercise. Not a bad record, quite taken with the horns, but it’s not a great one either, and I’m unlikely to listen to much more tbh.

The Saints are from Brisbane (although had moved to London in 1977 before Eternally Yours) and grew up, formed, tried to play gigs and released their first album when Queensland was essentially a police state under the corrupt extreme right wing premiership of Joh Bjelke-Petersen who got into power through lots of rural votes in the late 60s and stayed in power through some solid gerrymandering until a corruption investigation led to his downfall in 87. He and his government were prejudice in pretty much every way you could imagine and effectively banned the right to peaceful protest, broke up most gigs, tried to shut down radio stations with alternative views etc. Absolute sack of cunts. This album isn’t terribly interesting but the story of the music scene in Brisbane through that period and beyond is, there’s a book written by a local music journalist called Pig City if anyone was interested in finding out a bit after the Australia’s best bands thread.


I’ve only heard their first album which is absolutely great!