2019 — Classics / Canon DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club

was thinking about how I dont really know which rapper is which by their voice. it never really mattered to me to find out cos they all were great and there wasnt a weak link. pretty rare for a group not to have a clear standout or two.

Brilliant! Thanks nav.

this mass appeal doc is good

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yeah really enjoyed that. love digging out old footage of them from their genesis period too. coolest mf’ers bar none

prince paul just seems eternally cool

The Coup - Genocide & Juice

Released 1994. Production by Boots Riley.


this one is funky, with some interesting production tricksiness. lyrics cover the difficulties of life for the working class in a funny and unbowed way.

the cover seemingly pisstakes the pass the courvousier drinks-endorsing era of hip-hop, before it happened.

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‘Genocide & Juice’ is a mad album title for '94. Looking forward to this one.


nice pick. was hoping we’d get some coup in here eventually. i just saw sorry to bother you (would recommend if you havent) a couple months ago so it had me revisiting their stuff a bit. also the death of pam the funkstress :frowning:

always liked the back half of this a little better altho the first two actual tracks on here are two of the best.

fat cats & bigga fish is one of the best 90s songs full stop, and i love the video

here’s the video for takin these which i’d never seen:
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Nice. Admittedly always slept on these guys. Don’t think I actually checked them out until they dropped Party Music just before the 9/11 attacks and everyone went crazy about the album art.

Also enjoyed Sorry To Bother You.

my two favorite deep cuts off this are interrogation and repo man but the last four tracks before the outro are all great.

for further reading i would recommend this nytimes piece from last year on boots (not too much music talk but gives you a glimpse into his politics/beliefs

is your username from the coup song?

yeah, ‘sorry…’ is really good. last year also had ‘the hate u give’ and ‘blindspotting’ set in the same place I think. hate u give was super.

the roots must have taken inspiration from the third track, ‘takin’ these’ for ‘now or never’…

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‘fat cats, bigga fish’ is so good. goes full spectrum tonally- from very low bass to the strings, which fits the song perfectly- the hustler (with a stolen bus pass) narrator rubbing shoulders with the fat cat “doing a whole community”. great concept, title.

that piece on boots was a good read, thanks. have thought the same about jay-z.

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yeah first song off of steal this album, which samples this bad ass funk song

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i think with party music the production kinda turned a corner into ~corny~ territory for me. theres still something kinda crude (playful?) about the production on their first three albums but it sounded more organic in comparison to their post-2000 sound. the recording and mastering process mustve changed quite a bit. if im recommending the coup to anyone its always going to be one of the first three albums.

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Been slacking on this - not on Spotify and only just round to sticking it on my phone.

I was taught dont rely on pigs for protection
Shit i dont even ask 'em for directions

Only just got round to listening to this yesterday. Really like it. Reckon I would have dug this at the time. Kind of thing I’d have swerved because of the Pen N Pixel cover.

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Can we get a homework extension on this??