2019 — Classics / Canon DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


All of the current stuff that I really like - Roc Marciano, Conway, Benny - never really thought about the similarities to Ice-T.


ice-t’s pronunciation of “boiii” is quintessential.
really like ‘high rollers’, makes the rest of the album sound dated in a brittle kind of way. guess that probably doesn’t make sense.


oh yeah, :face_with_monocle: noticed @CHAIRMAN_LMAO ain’t on the ‘sign me up’ likes. g’wannin?


Hah I’ve been procrastinating for ages about putting some suggestions in for this thread and the first album on my list was going to be OG! The video collection for OG on VHS and tapes of Power and Death Certificate were on permanent repeat in my school common room, my first real introduction to hip-hop. I’ve not listened to Power in years so I’m looking forward to this, pretty sure I can still remember the lyrics to Girls LGBNAF… :confused:


Ah - I clearly didn’t read that post properly. Done


Yeah - Power was a proper piece of school contraband.


I did kinda enjoy Power, mainly because Ice T is a big personality and makes it a fun ride. But this falls in the category of most 80s hip hop for me. The flows and basic beats just remind me of Vanilla Ice or whatever as that was my exposure to this sound. This somehow seems way more dated than NWA or Too $hort or anything like that coming out around the same time too. Most of all I don’t find much to enjoy musically.

Idk, I’m comfortable in that I’m never really gonna get a lot of golden age hip hop. Was good fun but can’t really imagine going back to it.


Made a similar post about Eric B and Rakim in a previous thread, but at least on those records you got the advanced rhyme schemes going on. Those old school flows just remind me of white dads rapping on 90s TV sitcoms and stuff :man_facepalming:


think this is true, like it’s widely accepted that he’s a legend but nobody really talks about him / listens to him much. this might be the reason why:

still love it though. people rapping over really 80s sounding synths is one of my favourite things and think that all comes from when I first heard drama. the synth is so fucking obnoxious on that song, can totally see why someone would hate it but man, I love it. high rollers might be his best song? i’m your pusher and the title track are both top tier as well


love his rapping on high rollers. perfectly old school. pretty much a hookless track like a lot of these, not much time put into making timeless choruses.

the drama synth is hilarious and indeed awesome. i like how during the verses it’s just one note.


I unfortunately agree with most of this. It’s definitely around this period and ealier where my interest wanes a bit. I think the music is culturally significant and paved the way for a lot of stuff but in terms of pure sonic enjoyment this is 1 or 2 degrees removed from my favourite rap music and I find it hard to enjoy it as much more than a historical document and snapshot in time that led to some of my favourite music. There’s some stuff from around this time (Kane, BDP, Special Ed) that I enjoy but I find it hard to get into Ice T in particular.

It’s funny that you say it’s more dated than NWA because I’ve randomly been getting back into Eazy-E lately (maybe subconsciously due to that mad Newhaven news story) and this album feels a bit thin on quality and memorable raps compared to Eazy Duz It imo

Doesn’t help that all of my first interactions with him were as a reality TV star so it’s hard to respect his music any more than I respect a Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince LP


30 years on and a lot of this stuff is sounding better and better to me … but I’ve generally fallen into this same thought pattern over the years.

maybe we shouldnt judge these mid late 80s rappers by their albums so much? worrying about crafting the perfect album didnt seem to be the focus until years later. like i may not rank bigger and deffer by ll cool j in my all time top 50 but its got a few songs i listen to just as much as anything else. feel that way about a lot of these lat 80s albums, ice t falls into that.

too shorts beats sound so good those will never age :slight_smile:


Fuck, this is just reminding me that the first time I heard Too $hort I was way too high on ecstasy. What a way to hear him first!


Drama was defs one of the ones I enjoyed most. Felt like an early techno/hip hop mash up, which seems ahead of the game.

I don’t want to be harsh on this one. I’ve just sadly never got along with this era and mainly like listening to these records to get schooled and learn the roots. Have had many stoned sessions with mates where they’re like “really you don’t love this one”, particularly with earlier 80s records, and I made my peace now haha. It’s a bit of hip hop history though and in that sense it was a great pick and I enjoyed my run through and seeing everyone reminiscing


you should give OG a go sometime. don’t want to promise that you’ll deffo like it as a lot of your criticisms of this are probs true of that too I think, but it is a bit less dated sounding. also, it has the greatest sub 1 minute rap song of all time on it


Really enjoyed my first run through this. High rollers and pusherman are both class.

Can completely understand why this wouldn’t click with people. Its preeeety basic. But my kind of basic. Excellently obnoxious guitar in personal too.


interesting sub-thread


pyrex vision and this are the other contenders I always think of


counting this as less than a minute:


J-Live – The Best Part


Released 2001. Production details here

This week’s pick courtesy of @littlebirds