2020 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Never heard before but digging it

This is good fun good natured right up my alley

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new Bronson could be fun, sounds a lot more carefree again

Man, this Conway album has some heat on it. Juvenile Hell with a Havoc beat and hook.

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nice to hear dej loaf on this, been a while since she was on something good

yeah this album is really good, like everything apart from the griselda group track weirdly, can’t be doing with that beat at all

It’s a bit cheesy in places, but Conway seems to be developing into the guy in the crew who likes a bit of that. Love how varied it is.

I love that beat! So wonky. Beat Butcha is from London I think…



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Maybe we call all pool in for the prototype Def Jam jacket and have it for a fortnight each a year

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Go halves on these?


Yeah it’ll go well with this

think this and a studio session with Rakim are the most insane


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and from the high point of hip-hop capitalism, to the absolute pit of it…

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New Aesop Rock incoming…


I did a bad thing and downloaded the leak of the Armani Ceasar album the other week and I’m into it. Think it’s out on Friday but can imagine it’ll be a little different.

another one


Just dug into the Backxwash album more deeply, having not given it enough time when it came out. Excellent record.

The more recent Stigmata EP is also well worth grabbing. Like the album, also free on Bandcamp.

Enjoyed her interview on the Kreative Kontrol pod recently too.

Really digging this. Might be my favourite of the recent Griselda releases even though it’s getting less hype.