2020 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

sorry @theShipment for stealing your flow

loving this new Denzel though. pretty fitting that the first rap I love of the decade is a full-blown nostalgia throwback to dusty 90s tape rap

all you blackout / tommy wright III / three 6 fans might like this


This is great! Happy new year/decade y’all.

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Digging this.

The best kind.

Last year ended up being decent for rap. Another year where it totally dominated my listened. Only 2020 thing I’ve listened to so far is this Big Kahuna OG thing.

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Did anyone ever listen to the Ameer Vann EP, Emanuel? It went to the bottom of my list because of who he is but I gave it a listen when clearing up my Spotify playlists and thought it was actually pretty good. Some very nice production and interesting self reflection from a man who’s put himself on the shit heap.

Not sure I’d go and see him live but can maybe imagine him carving out a solo career.

steal on my man.

smoke meh but Denzel hot damn. favourite rapper

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fave UK guy has a new album


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Been getting quite into the Call Out Culture podcast. Latest one on white rappers is great. They often drop some gems about Def Jux and it’s demise - get the impression it all ended quite frostily.

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next weekend the jazz café has dilla nights on Friday with j rocc and sunday with frank n dank. doesn’t seem like much of a nightclub venue, but I’ve always wanted to go a dilla night, looking forward to it

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Are you going to get one of these? I’m a fan.


probably not, would be horrified if people thought I was promoting the daily mail. would like a t shirt though

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Haha. Oh, God. I no longer want one.

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Blimey. Griselda were on Jimmy Fallon the other night.

It’s an excellent Radiohead song tbf

Though what’s the closest thing Thom and co have done to a hip hop banger?

intrigued by this, did anyone on here go to Gods of Rap last year?

seen Nas a few times and not desperate to see him again, but DMX and The Lox!!

What’s “Gangstarr legacy”? Hologram edition?

Can’t say that line up does much for me. Used to think Nas was magnetic live, but he seemed utterly finished when I saw him last year. Just bored and going through the motions. Can’t imagine cracked up 2020 DMX, The Lox and some kind of Gangstarr tribute are gonna be worth getting out of the house for.

Really hope its just a Preemo DJ set. Couple of visuals max