2021 Lions rugby union tour to South Africa

Not my choice of captain for the lions tbf, but I’m sure he’ll give it a crack alright.

Navidi and Beard in for AWJ and Tipuric

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Ryan and Jonny Gray must be wondering what the hell is going on. Really wouldn’t have had Beard ahead of either of them.

AWJ captaincy might be missed but not sure he’d have been one of the best 3 locks.

Curry gives you a lot of what Tipuric offers. Navidi not a bad call up for energy and dynamism.

Murray as captain is a proper eyebrow raiser. At least its not Farrell though.

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Be interesting to see if Itoje and Henderson are paired together at some point today. I reckon I’d have that as my starting lock partnership even before AWJ’s injury.

Watching the Ireland game. I want my local team (Newcastle Falcons) to sign the Japanese 15, he’s so good! Think he played 14 last week against the lions and looked electric then.

Watching Wales vs Canada. Might stop doing so soon. It’s not a very worthwhile pursuit.

Should stop this at half time to save further embarrassment, really.

Team announced.

Some interesting decisions.

The one I’m really a bit dubious about is Lawes at 6 ahead of Beirne. DvdM ahead of Adams is a weird one too.

It’s a reasonable mix of all four nations - which is nice to see. Have to say, pleased to see AWJ back but I will be watching collisions involving him through my fingers. Glad that Price is starting at 9.

I’ve not seen enough of Beirne to have an opinion, I like Lawes but I am dubious of having back 5 generalists rather than specialists at 6 and 7.

Beirne should be starting.

Lawes is a very good lock, but a club standard 6 at best. It’s never worked well him being at blindside at test level.

We’re essentially saying we’re happy to play a sub optimal team as we’re that worried about PSDT and their other big carriers.

Pretty terrible half of rugby really.
Lions have been dreadful. Getting absolutely rinsed in the scrum. Pollard is a bit of a machine. Ominous signs.

That offside is very harsh. Looked impossible to tell for sure and on field decision was try……

Listening on Talk sport and they agreed. Suggested the fact the video ref is a Saffa might have helped the Lions there.

Is the TMO saffa because of covid? Too much pressure on the guy, can’t win either way really. Was definitely generous

Definitely sounds like it was Covid related. It was only announced on Wednesday, from memory.

Yeah the original TMO was from NZ and decided not to travel due to Covid, so Jonker/Junker is doing it (apologies can’t remember his name - well, he’s called Marius).

Itoje, what a beast.
Great result, especially after the 1st half.
Can’t understand SA swapping out a front row that were destroying lions in the scrum, but they did look pretty hanging. Give them 10 after HT though.
Pollard off the boil in the 2nd.
Was a fun 2nd half

Yep, only managed to watch the last 15 but sounded like we turned it round 2nd half. Should make next week a bit of fun!

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Brilliant win.

Apology to Courtney Lawes. Absolutely immense in defence 1st half then was part of the turn of the game with some big carries

I wouldn’t have picked vdM but he dominater Kolbe in the air.

The sub saffer front row is on paper probably the best scrummaging unit in the world but looked like they didn’t have any match fitness at all.

Dodgy ref decisions evened out in the end.

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