💥 2021 - Tracks Of The Year (pt.2) 💥

I know we’re probably all listed out by now, and there are a few similar threads, but this is following on from here

I guess it would be nice to try and submit a list of 10 tracks if you can, but do whatever you want really. Could be an update of your previously posted list, or a whole new list covering the 2nd half of the year. I’ll chuck everything into that Spotify list even though I don’t use it myself any more (anyone have any other ideas?)

Will leave this open until the end of the month, need to give a bit of thought to my selections still :slight_smile:

Oh, here is the playlist link

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dj plead- rt6
fumu- bye
kodo & elkka- pawa
damon locks black monument ensemble- keep your mind free
self esteem- moody
ragz originale & john glacier- nightcap
wau wau collectif- mouhamodou lo and his children
footshooter w/ ma.moyo & isobel risk- passing clouds
scratcha dva & razzler man- razzclart (vip mix)
ka- i notice


Only heard one of these so looking forward to giving the rest a spin tonight :slight_smile:

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Great picks @furryfan - enjoyed them all!

Here are my 10, in no particular order:

Loraine James - Self Doubt (Leaving The Club Early) - from a record full of highlights, I really love the playful nature of this one, and the fourth wall breaking vocals.

Tyler, The Creator - Massa - the incredible standout track on a wonderful, sprawling album. Deeply personal, political and intelligent lyrics, amazing flow, fantastic instrumentation and beats. Stunning.

Tirzah - Devotion (feat. Coby Sey) - yet to give the full album a spin (will remedy that very soon), but everything about this (including the video) is just a delight.

Earl Sweatshirt - 2010 - dropped a couple of weeks ago and blew me away instantly. What a beat.

Let’s Eat Grandma - Two Ribbons - heartbreaking and life affirming at the same time, such a beautiful track and video especially if you know what these two have been through over the last couple of years.

Bobby Gillespie & Jehnny Beth - Chase It Down - wasn’t expecting to have a song featuring BG in the year 2021, but there is something about this duet that is just right and I’ve played it a lot.

Chvrches & Robert Smith - How Not To Drown - another brilliant duet which I’ve never tired of despite playing it to death for months.

The Goon Sax - In The Stone - was disappointed that the album fell off a cliff after the first couple of tracks, but this is great.

Daniel Avery - Hazel & Gold - really hope I get the chance to see Daniel live some time in 2022.

Lost Girls - Love, Lovers - I refrained from choosing this last time as its over 15 mins long but it’s probably my track of the year now. Just gets better with every listen, and the time just disappears.


I’m terrible at lists and most of these came from threads on dis but here we are anyway:

In that extended honeymoon period with Lingua Ignota that I get with the artists I truly love. This track and the one that follows it on the album, I WHO BEND THE TALL GRASSES, are just unbelievable. A total unfiltered wave of emotion.

aya - Emily lights us moor
The album is basically Life Without Buildings, with fewer bangers but better sound design. Sounds fucking incredible with headphones on though, and this is track pretty much a banger.

BABii - Shadow
PC Music banger, my most listened-to track of 2021

Mess Esque - Sweetspot
The album has a sort of ‘found’ quality to it, as if it’s only accidentally beautiful. Gives it a very dreamy quality imo.

DJ Seinfeld - She loves me
Good fun

Baby Queen - Narcissist
The female/feminist pop singer songwriter genre is a packed crows these days but imo Baby Queen stands out for being pretty funny and insightful.

Amyl and the Sniffers - Guided by Angels
Just realised this is probably the third artist on this list to have strong Life Without Buildings vibes. I’m fine with it, given I’m having to go through life with only one LWB album anyway.

Illuvia - Titicaca
Floaty electronica courtesy of the 2021 electronic music thread, extremely relaxing.

Laptop about to run out of battery so that’ll do


Nice thread!

It’s an obvious choice but this came out in January and it’s survived being absolutely rinsed. She does something I haven’t heard anyone do before with her voice, and the lyrics are outrageously good. I feel like I’m growing up along with Lana Del Rey, that weirdly we are having some of the same experiences, and I really appreciate having her music in the world. I know that’s a pretty big statement but it’s true.

As with Lana, I feel like Jonine out of HTRK is a kindred spirit. Lyrically she similarly has an honest thing going on. There is this kind of kitchen sink, biographical, mundane day to day thing that I am really into. It helps a lot that the soundscapes are right up my street as well. These two tunes are exactly the right level of abstract for me. They are also pretty bleak which normally suits how I feel.

Actually this is a pretty obvious choice as well, everyone loves this Low album and Hey in particular, but it rocked my world this summer. It’s beautiful but also, again, quite bleak. They do a lot with a minimal number of words. The other tune, More, has some interesting production stuff going on but it’s about the lyrics for me. They hit on a really direct way of expressing frustration I think.


Realise I made a right old blunder and my Tirzah selection was actually from 2018 and is not one from the new album as I mistakenly thought! Still, gave the album a spin last night and it is fucking fantastic - going to be on heavy rotation for a while.

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You’re welcome to peruse my top 100 if you like

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Are these in any sort of order? I was going to grab the top 10 selections to add to the shared playlist…

Yes, they are in order. Joe Armon-Jones was no.1.

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My first half of the year list was:
This Ship Argo - Why Are You Like This?
Sofia Kourtesis - La Perla
Pom Poko - Like A Lady
Lycoriscoris - Omokage
Jane Weaver - Heartlow
Lost Girls - Menneskekollektivet
Altın Gün - Yüce Dağ Başında
Bicep - X
Audiobooks - The Doll
Sarah Jarosz - Mama

For this second half of the year, it’s been:
Wet Leg - Chaise Longue (Technically came out in June, but whatever…)
Audiobooks - LaLaLa It’s The Good Life
Lang Lee - There Is A Wolf
Weak Signal - I’m A Fire
Dot Allison - Can You Hear Nature Sing?
Orla Gartland - You’re Not Special Babe
Taraka - Welcome To Paradise Lost
Go! Team - World Remember Me Now
Mega Bog - Station to Station
Lump - We Cannot Resist

And so I reckon my final top ten tracks of the year are:

  1. Sofia Kourtesis - La Perla
  2. Wet Leg - Chaise Longue
  3. This Ship Argo - Why Are You Like This?
  4. Audiobooks - LaLaLa It’s the Good Life
  5. Lang Lee - There Is A Wolf
  6. New Pagans - Yellow Room
  7. Weak Signal - I’m A Fire
  8. Jane Weaver - Sunset Beach
  9. Dot Allison - Can You Hear Nature Sing?
  10. Orla Gartland - You’re Not Special Babe
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Best single I’ve heard all year :


I thought this wear out its welcome extremely quickly but it has remained brilliant throughout the year. The best thing they’ve done since the second alum by a country mile


Rid Of Me - Dealing

Biffy Clyro - Separate Missions

Blips - Throw Me Around

Wildhearts - Sleepaway

Parquet Courts - Walking At A Downtown Pace

Maximo Park - All Of Me

Biffy Clyro - Slurpy Slurpy Sleep Sleep

Rid Of Me - I Don’t Wanna

Maximo Park - Versions Of You

Blips - Gold Rush

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My top 100, not completely set yet.

Probably the weakest year in ages for me but there’s still lots of great stuff.

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OK to grab the first 10 for the shared list?

sorry was supposed to write my top 10 but I got distracted!

ABBA- Don’t Shut Me Down
Men I Trust- 5am Waltz
Kero Kero Bonito- Well Rested
Go_A- Shum
Dina Ogon- Sol
Leonie Pernet- Mon amour tu bois trop
Magdalena Bay- Your Fire
Gjons Tears- Touts l’universe
Everything Everything- SUPERNORMAL
DAVE- Three Rivers


Narrowing it down to ten songs on 2021 albums / EP releases from the second half of the year to keep things simple. In no real order:

From great albums:
Midwife - Colorado (like watching the world end from outer space)
A Talk in the Dark - The Ascent (like if Greg Dulli made a post-rock song)
Modest Mouse - Never Fuck a Spider on the Fly (classic Isaac Brock)
Deafheaven - In Blur (great shoegaze with a beautiful twist near the end)
Turnstile - Fly Again (more bands need to write riffs with 311 rhythm)

From Great EPs:
Eluvium - Virga II (a beautiful and unnerving repetitive loop, unfortunately split over multiple tracks on Spotify)
Meat Wave - Nursing (ominous distorted cloud of doom)
APTBS - In My Hive (tense post-punk)

From Albums I need to spend more time with:
Grouper - Kelso (Blue Sky) (beautiful, sad, acoustic album closer, shades of Tonight Reprise)
The Killers - Pressure Machine (throw out your expectations entirely, just listen to this)


Totally missed the APTBS release, great track too

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