3 Must Hear Tunes from 2018


My 3 would be:

Sex Money Feelings Die by Lykke Li

I/m Not Here [missing face] by The Twilight Sad

Mass Grave by Health ft. Soccer Mommy

Lots more things I’ve been loving on here


Didn’t even know health had a new one out, so thanks for that. Heard they’re touring next year though, March Glasgow wooooo.


One, two, three:




This thread came 6 days too early! But these three have really blown me away:

Deafheaven - Honeycomb

Spielbergs - Ghost Boy

Fucked Up - The One I Want Will Come for Me

Almost went with something from Self Defense Family and Tropical Fuck Storm, but I think people will appreciate those much, much more in the context of the album than as standalone songs.





Though as my playlists below suggest, at least 194 others could be contenders. Maybe biased as I’ve not listened to so much new music since 2010, but it’s been a pretty, pretty good year.

P.S. Sully’s Alternative NOW 101 coming at Christmas!


The following is imo proof positive they didn’t need any outside help on what else is a fairly mediocre album

Beautiful stuff - album is really good too






Field Music - Count It Up
DMA’s - Do I Need You Know?
City Calm Down - In This Modern Land




A lot of people seem to have dismissed the lykke li album but it’s perhaps my most listened to this year


Hop Along - Somewhere a Judge
Idles - Danny Nedelko
Protomartyr and Kelley Deal - Wheel of Fortune