3 Must Hear Tunes from 2018

My 3 would be:

Sex Money Feelings Die by Lykke Li

I/m Not Here [missing face] by The Twilight Sad

Mass Grave by Health ft. Soccer Mommy

Lots more things I’ve been loving on here

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Didn’t even know health had a new one out, so thanks for that. Heard they’re touring next year though, March Glasgow wooooo.

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One, two, three:


This thread came 6 days too early! But these three have really blown me away:

Deafheaven - Honeycomb

Spielbergs - Ghost Boy

Fucked Up - The One I Want Will Come for Me

Almost went with something from Self Defense Family and Tropical Fuck Storm, but I think people will appreciate those much, much more in the context of the album than as standalone songs.

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The following is imo proof positive they didn’t need any outside help on what else is a fairly mediocre album

Beautiful stuff - album is really good too

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Field Music - Count It Up
DMA’s - Do I Need You Know?
City Calm Down - In This Modern Land

Hop Along - Somewhere a Judge
Idles - Danny Nedelko
Protomartyr and Kelley Deal - Wheel of Fortune

Mine too!

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Somehow omitted the song I’ve listened to on repeat this year so dedicated a Twitter thread to it https://twitter.com/seaninsound/status/1063939005878845441?s=21

Two slices of pure rock with an intriguing pop filling