50 Cent — Get Rich or Die Tryin' — 15 years old — Trax Poll

Feel like DiS has never had much love for 50 but this album was massive. Not sure it’s aged particularly well but it was fun going through it again this morning.

  • Intro (Get Rich or Die Tryin’)
  • What Up Gangsta
  • Patiently Waiting
  • Many Men (Wish Death)
  • In Da Club
  • High all the Time
  • Heat
  • If I Can’t
  • Blood Hound
  • Back Down
  • P.I.M.P
  • Like My Style
  • Poor Lil Rich
  • 21 Questions
  • Don’t Push Me
  • Gotta Make it to Heaven
  • Wanksta
  • U Not Like Me
  • Life’s On The Line
  • P.I.M.P. (Remix)

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In Da Club has that Quik production touch, might have to take the easy way out and pick that one.

Many Men, If I Cant, Poor Lil Rich all strong contenders.

not listened to it for a while but it’s great obvs. so many hooks

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Remember some kid on my school bus got this on the day it came out and played it over some portable speakers for everyone to hear for about 3 weeks solid.

Got old after a while, but those were some memorably fun bus rides.

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What a massive album - especially when you look at that track list. No wonder he could never follow it up - had the perfect come up story, the perfect look, the best production of his time and the nod from the biggest emcee on the planet. I listened to this to death as a kid. Might have to go for Many Men, just because I always went for the Deep cuts as a moody teen.

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It’s definitely this. There’s a lot of great tracks on this - it’s totally solid and personally think it’s aged fairly well. This is blatantly the one though

yeah you’re probably right. song was everywhere for a year straight.

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*scrolls down DiS*
*notices thread title*

*surfs wave of nostalgia*


I love the intro. Pretty much any song w gun sounds incorporated into the beat is gonna win me over, though.

Meant to say Heat.

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Listening again for the first time in aaaages and it holds up well. So many massive songs here. Really loving the hooks on High All The Time and Blood Hound.

Chose 21 Questions for nostalgic reasons mainly. Always makes me happy when that intro comes on. Also <3 Nate Dogg

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Going to play Beg For Mercy front-to-back straight after this I think

Some of 50 Cents gun collection from Mass Appeal.

Don’t think I’ve ever listened to this album in it’s entirety. One of my saddest days in hip hop was when Mobb Deep got G-Unit tattoos. Enjoyed the hype around, and a few tracks off, Guess Who’s Back but the guy was always a complete clown to me.


never mind, seems they fixed the autoplay bug

i went with the joke answer to avoid thinking too hard :sunglasses:

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Did we ever find out?

  • Get Rich
  • Die Tryin’

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I didnt hear this whole album til a couple years later, i dont think. Had most of the tracks lime-wired onto a mix cd lol. never felt the need to buy it. young buck was always my favorite g unit crew member. lloyd banks second.